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Andrew Gross Chat Transcript – 12/12/06

Andrew Gross from the Journal News was kind enough to stop by the chat room to talk NY Jets football with us.  Andrews article’s can be found in the Journal News.  Also be sure to check out his blog.

[JetNation NFL Talk]: Andrew Gross has entered at 7:56 pm
[Andrew Gross] 7:56 pm: Hi guys, thanks for having me back
[Andrew Gross] 7:57 pm: My pleasure, as always

[Jethead] 7:57 pm: Do you think Mangini views Drob as a future key part of the team?
[Andrew Gross] 7:59 pm: As far as D-Rob, that’s a hard one to call. I think Mangini realizes that to have a successful 3-4, the nose tackle must be able to draw double teams and D-Rob hasn’t gotten that kind of respect. But with his cap number, it may be hard to get rid of him. The big issue, actually, might be Kimo.

[ladyJET2280] 7:57 pm: I was just wondering do you think Chad self confidence is gone in his throwing????
[Andrew Gross] 8:00 pm: As for Chad, confidence in his abilities is never an issue. He knows as well as anyone his arm strength will always be below NFL average but he has tremendous confidence in his ability to overcome that.

[JetNation NFL Talk]: R44 has entered at 8:00 pm

[Jetcane] 8:00 pm: Andrew, I have a dumb question for you.
[Andrew Gross] 8:00 pm: No question is dumb, that’s what I was taught in journalism school.
[Jetcane] 8:01 pm: Can you fill us in a little on your access to the team and do you see any practice?
[Andrew Gross] 8:03 pm: My typical day is this: We get Mangini at 10:30 for about 20 minutes, the press conference you can watch on the internet. It’s before practice so we can’t ask any practice-related questions for that day. Then we get the players from 11:15-noon. Again, before practice. Practice starts at 12:15, we can watch the first half hour, which includes stretching and punt drills. So no, I don’t feel like I watch practice.

[JetNation NFL Talk]: Sperm Edwards has entered at 8:02 pm
[Jethead] 8:02 pm: What do you see as ’07 draft priorities?
[Andrew Gross] 8:05 pm: Draft priorities, assuming the Jets address cornerback and offensive line needs in free agency, would be D line and running back, not necessarily in that order. But they’ll draft corners, too.

[Bill Parcells] 8:04 pm: Andrew…whats the buzz with Clemens being number 2?
[Bill Parcells] 8:05 pm: I meant him being promoted.
[Andrew Gross] 8:06 pm: Clemens is clearly being groomed to compete for the No. 1 job, the Jets are hoping he wins it by 2008. I think it says as much about the progress he’s making as it does about their disappointment with Ramsey.
[Bill Parcells] 8:07 pm: thanks man
[Andrew Gross] 8:07 pm: You got it, sorry you got faced by Payton the other night
[Bill Parcells] 8:07 pm: LOL!
[jetsrule128] 8:07 pm: 1-if Kellen was number two this week why did many sites report he was inactive.  2 is Jamie Thompson the full time 53rd player or are they still looking. 3 has Mangini said anything about the open roster spot on the ps . 4 was coach Mangini upset that Titus Adams left for the Giants?
[Andrew Gross] 8:10 pm: 1. Clemens: That was a PR mistake, the Jets claim. Mangini reported upstairs to PR department before game Clemens was No. 2, he says. PR head took blame, saying they reported it wrong. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it. 2. Thompson is as solid on the 53 as anybody can be under Mangini. 3. No, I’m sure they worked some players out today and will probably sign somebody, wish I could tell you more. 4. On Adams, they could have matched Giants so I don’t think they sweat it.

[ecurb2369] 8:09 pm: I saw CJ Mosley finally got some playing time, recorded 4 tackles. Any word on whether he is in our long term plans as a JET? Did Mangini comment on him playing at all? If he is staying around, what does it mean for D. Robertson?
[Andrew Gross] 8:11 pm: Don’t think Mosley fits in long-term plans. He only played because Rashad Moore has an injured hand and has been ineffectual as a result. As soon as Moore’s better, Mosley’s back on the bench.
[ecurb2369] 8:11 pm: Thanks!
[Jethead] 8:12 pm: Do you think Mangini feels he has 50% of the talent he needs (75%?) to compete consistently at a high level or how far away does he really believe we are?
[Andrew Gross] 8:14 pm: I get the feeling Mangini has taken a shine to some of the players. Off the top of my head, he probably wants a corner, an inside and outside LB, either to start or come off the bench, 2-3 new D linemen, a new right side of the O line, a RB and a veteran backup QB.

[ladyJET2280] 8:12 pm: Who do we have as our back up right now if Chad gets hurt? And do u think it was a bad idea to trade Santana Moss?
[Andrew Gross] 8:15 pm: Clemens is backup QB, I would guess, for rest of season, even if Chad gets hurt.
[Andrew Gross] 8:16 pm: As for Moss, I love the chemistry between Coles and Pennington so I don’t think it was an awful trade. Especially if Cotchery develops into a No. 1 receiver, that will make Coles even more efficeint since he’s not a downfield

[Jetcane] 8:15 pm: The Buffalo game was obviously disappointing. Did you sense during the week that there was less urgency or complacence coming off the big win at GB? What is the team’s mood today?
[Andrew Gross] 8:18 pm: I don’t think there was any less complacency or urgency. The team’s mood was obviously downcast Monday, a little more than usual after a loss. I expect a good bounce back this week. I think this is what you get with this type of team. It’s not the most talented, there are going to be games like this and Cleveland.
[Jetfanmack] 8:18 pm: Is Kevan Barlow coming close to being a distraction? And is Mangini hoping that Houston or Washington takes a permanent claim to the job this year, perhaps as the probable starter for next year?
[Andrew Gross] 8:19 pm: I’ve been impressed with Barlow, he’s actually going out of his way not to be a distraction, saying all the right things about wanting to stay (he won’t) and saying he can play in this system. He did say something interesting Monday, he thinks Mangini will always have a running back by committee, that he prefers it that way. Can’t say I can argue with that.
[jetfan4hire] 8:17 pm: Many Jet fans are down on Pennington right now. What do you see in the coaching staffs plans for him next year, and how will his current contract status influence things? Also would like to know if you believe Kellen Clemens will be given the starting job by the start of next year
[Exit 117] 8:20 pm: You mentioned that the front office is hoping that Clemens wins the starting job by 2008. Are the Jets content with Chad Pennington and his obvious drop off in skill after his two shoulder surgeries, as well as his blatant inconsistencies? Are they interested in cutting him loose after the season and possibly looking into some other “stopgap” quarterback, or just tough it out for another mediocre season with Chad?
[Andrew Gross] 8:21 pm: I think the Jets like Chad for the system they’re running. Chad is good about calling plays at the line – can’t believe Herm didn’t think of that – so I think Mangini and Schott would be fine if he was back under center in 2007.  Remember, the supporting cast should be stronger (though so will the schedule).
[Exit 117] 8:22 pm: Thanks. What an unfortunate answer to hear.
[Jethead] 8:20 pm: Is Mangini disappointed in Vilma?
[Andrew Gross] 8:23 pm: On Vilma, Mangini will never say that but I’m sure he expected more production out of Vilma by this point. Naming Vilma defensive player of the week the other week amounted to a confidence booster.

[NYJ EcKo151] 8:22 pm: Since Victor Hobson doesn’t have the ideal speed you’d like in an OLB, despite his solid season, do you at all see Hobson moving inside for 2007, since that’s what he played at Michigan and him having the size(252lbs) when the Jets can upgrade with an Adalius Thomas, Lance Briggs, or draft?
[Andrew Gross] 8:24 pm: On Hobson, not a far-fetched idea. I think they’d like to keep him where he is but they could be flexbile depending on what’s available in free agency or draft. I’ve been impressed with Hobson this season, not as much with Barton. Or Chatham or Kassel for that matter.
[ecurb2369] 8:24 pm: Alot of people seem to think Pennington is washed up, has he said anything about his arm strength getting better or worse?
[Andrew Gross] 8:26 pm: I really don’t see Chad being washed up. His arm strength seems about equal to what it was in 2002, which is not good. Chad has actually said he’s been pleased with his arm strength and the receivers say his velocity is about what it was before he got hurt.

[Jetfanmack] 8:28 pm: The 3-4 usually has a great pass rusher at OLB. I assume they are satisfied with Thomas’s play at OLB to give him that big extension, but do they plan on getting another bigtime pass rusher to help? In the draft, I mean.
[Andrew Gross] 8:29 pm: One way or another, the pass rush does have to be addressed, I agree. The draft would be cheaper but the Jets do have some money to play with, and that’s not even considering the cap going up. Thomas has been a pleasant surprise for them. I’m not convinced he’s an above-average player, but he’s above-average in this system. Probably no Jet has benefited from the 3-4 more.
[Jethead] 8:30 pm: Andrew – thanks very much for taking the time to be here. btw, your blog is terrific.
[Andrew Gross] 8:31 pm: Jethead – appreciate it, our paper is certainly trying to emphasize the blogs and our web presence in general, so thanks for the kind words.
[Bill Parcells] 8:31 pm: Andrew,whats the scoop with he in the doghouse with Mangini?? Or is his play in practice making some noise?
[Andrew Gross] 8:33 pm: More of the latter on Schlegel. If he was in the doghouse, he would have been inactive all season.  Plus, it’s a good sign he didn’t go right back on the inactive list after his onsides kick gaffe, which was followed by a penalty on the next kickoff coverage, if I’m recalling correctly. Still, he was a complete reach for the third round.
[Bill Parcells] 8:33 pm: Thanks for your time Andrew..much appreciated!
[jetsrule128] 8:33 pm: andrew can you get me a pass to watch friend and I snuck in a few weeks a go and we got kicked out lol .2 also is it true Steve Yarnell has to do a background check on you before you can watch practice(that is what the guy who kicked us out said ) (I think he was just trying to scare us ).
[Andrew Gross] 8:35 pm: No can do on a practice pass, nothing personal. Besides, our half hour a day is nearly worthless, though we can sometimes see who’s getting first-team RB reps and who’s working on special teams. It wouldn’t shock me if Yarnell is doing background checks, the Jets did ask me a lot of questions when they found out I was on the beat.
[ecurb2369] 8:35 pm: Any news on Miller and whether he will ever be more than a backup/special teams player again? That said is Mangini playing Poteat so much a sign that he is coming around as a solid player or just a statement that nobody’s job is safe?
[Andrew Gross] 8:38 pm: Mangini has a familiarity with Poteat from the Pats I think that’s a big part of it. Poteat is serviceable but not a long-term answer. If Miller learns to tackle better, he could be given significant secondary time and his tackling was better against the Bills. But with Mangini, nobody’s job is ever safe.
[GreenBeans] 8:36 pm: Thanks for doing this Andrew – I enjoy your work a lot.  My question is hypothetical.  How many of the 22 starters are on the roster next September?
[GreenBeans] 8:36 pm: Thanks!
[Andrew Gross] 8:38 pm: Give me a second to go over the starters.
[Sperm Edwards] 8:40 pm: Beans you idiot.  Way to kill the chat.
[ecurb2369] 8:41 pm: LOL!
[Bill Parcells] 8:41 pm: (SIGH)
[GreenBeans] 8:41 pm: You’re welcome, Spermie.
[Andrew Gross] 8:41 pm: Let’s do it this way, starters not on the Roster: RG Moore, RT Clement, possible Kimo if they’re willing to take the cap hit, ditto D-Rob (though unlikely). Others probably gone: Barrett, McCareins, Barlow, Adrian Jones, Ramsey,
Bobby Hamilton, Mosley. Maybe Barton.
[Andrew Gross] 8:42 pm: Almost forgot, Blaylock, the forgotten RB.
[GreenBeans] 8:42 pm: Who’s Blaylock? lol
[Andrew Gross] 8:43 pm: He’s the guy standing next to Barlow during practice.
[Jetcane] 8:41 pm: You touched on Vilma’s decreased productivity. I know there is the size issue, and a lot of responsibility for playcalling, but to what do you attribute him seeming to have a down year?
[Andrew Gross] 8:46 pm: Vilma’s just being dominated because he’s going head on against guards on almost every play. His instinct says go around  but his assignment is to go north-south. Mangini swears Bruschi became much better his second season in the system, I’m not so sure with Vilma.
[jetfan4hire] 8:46 pm: Do you believe the Jets will look for a bigger run stuffing DT in FA, and who might be available? Also the Jets could use a DE opposite Ellis, who might be on their radar to upgrade that position? Thanks for taking the time to be here.
[Andrew Gross] 8:48 pm: It’s a good question and, yes, I think the Jets go into free agency looking to upgrade their defensive line. I don’t have that material in front of me so I don’t want to BS you guys on it. But I’d expect the Jets to talk to a couple of veterans in an effort to sign them.
[ecurb2369] 8:48 pm: If we lose a couple more games at the end of the year, do you think Mangini will start to lose some of his players? How many wins this year Andrew? 7,8,9,or10? Playoffs?? If we make the playoffs does it lock up Chad’s job for the start of next season?  & on a lighter note… do you think Mangini looks like a Penguin? Many fans do…
[Andrew Gross] 8:50 pm: I don’t think Mangini can lose the team at this point, he’s already proven to them that he knows what he’s doing. I think the Jets finish with nine wins (loss at Miami) and out of the playoffs. Playoffs or not, Chad has to compete with Kellen and a veteran (not Ramsey) in training camp but I think he’ll again emerge the starter. As for looking like a penguin, since I’ve been told I waddle when I walk, I will not throw any penguin stones.
[Exit 117] 8:50 pm: You mentioned the Moore, Clement, and Jones are all likely to be gone for next season. Does Mangini like some of the backup offensive linemen as potential starters for seasons to come, or does he plan to attack the right side guard and tackle through free agency?
[Andrew Gross] 8:51 pm: If Mangini liked any of the backups, Adrian Jones would have started before he had his DWI problem. I expect the right side of the line to be a free agency priority.
[Andrew Gross] 8:52 pm: I also wouldn’t be shocked if they took another look at Trey Teague
[raffyD] 8:52 pm: Are you sensing that the Jets will be satisfied going into next year with Cedric Houston and Leon “Boom Boom” Washington or will they look to upgrade?  What do you think about Doug Gabriel as a #3 for the Jets (just got released by the Pats), or is he simply not a Mangini type of guy?  Btw, went to the Cuse (class of ’97) and I enjoy your blog quite a bit, nice to read some honesty.
[Andrew Gross] 8:54 pm: Go ‘Cuse, I make a point of talking to Joe Kowalewski almost daily. I don’t think the Jets will be satisfied with Cedric and Leon, I think they’ll draft a RB. If the jets had the Pats on the schedule coming up, I’d say yes on Gabriel, if only to tweak Belichick. But they brought in Dwight so perhaps…
[raffyD] 8:55 pm: I figured about the rb, but Gabriel has shown flashes.
[Andrew Gross] 8:56 pm: Only problem is Schott’s system is fairly complex, might be tough coming in with three games left.
[raffyD] 8:56 pm: Cool, thanks!
[Andrew Gross] 8:57 pm: raffyD – which dorm, I was a Lawrinson guy for two years, then lived on Sumner.
[raffyD] 8:58 pm: I figured we were about the same age.  Brewster/Boland, Brew 7, my buddy Charlie Yarborough was in Lawrinson freshmen year.  I played rugby and drank a lot.
[DireJet38] 8:57 pm: What is the deal with Brad Smith? I know this topic is being beat to death, but is he ever going to morph into anything more than a gadget? How has he looked at reciever in practice? Does he have Anquan Boldin like potential?
[Andrew Gross] 8:59 pm: I think Smith’s ceiling is a complementary No. 2 WR,  probably not a Boldin. he definitely would like to be used as a straight-up WR. To be fair, he’s been more than a gadget lately, particularly with Dwight out. Smith does have
huge hands so he he can catch the ball, I’ve seen that.
[Jetfanmack] 9:00 pm: Should we expect the tight end position to be addressed at all? I’m fine with Baker and Ryan,  personally, but just looking at how the way we’ve gone after getting a lead blocker at fullback in Hodgins similar to Neal in San Diego, I’m wondering if they’re looking to be similar to San Diego and getting a little better receiving threat than Baker? And thanks a lot for being here….but go Nova.
[Andrew Gross] 9:01 pm: Hey, I used to cover college hoops (St. John ‘s) and Jay Wright is one of my favorite guys in the business. I think they’re happy with Baker and Ryan. I don’t think Baker has reached his potential as a receiver yet, I like him a lot.
[DireJet38] 9:01 pm: Yea, it would be nice to see them air it out to Smith a little more, I like his chances wth a jump ball.
[Jetfanmack] 9:01 pm: I’m a current Nova student, and I’ve talked to Wright once, we all love him.
[Andrew Gross] 9:02 pm: Not sure they’ll air it out to Smith this season, but it’s coming, they did that during training camp and he looked good.
[GreenBeans] 9:01 pm: Andrew – one more for you – Who wins the Jets ROY – Mangold or Brick?
[GreenBeans] 9:01 pm: Both have been pretty dag’on good IMO.
[GreenBeans] 9:02 pm: Thanks again.
[Andrew Gross] 9:03 pm: No question in my mind that Mangold is Jets rookie of the year. Not even close.
[NYJ EcKo151] 9:03 pm:  With Dyson being an excellent pickup and doing well on the left side. The right side can’t be said the same, with 4 different starters (Miller, Coleman, Barrett, Poteat) Is there a possibility Mangini looks at Asante Samuel, who he coached, or Nate Clements(Who I dispise, overrated) to help stabilize the other Cornerback position in 07’? And Gerry McNamara was never overrated!
[Andrew Gross] 9:04 pm: More on Wright: There are guys in college hoops who do things the right way and Wright is one of the few along with Boeheim. I’ve covered more than my share of guys who are too slimy for words in college hoops.
[Jetfanmack] 9:04 pm: McNamara was overrated! Foye and Ray were better!
[Jetfanmack] 9:05 pm: yeah, he is a genuinely good guy, we lost at home to drexel on saturday, and he still forced himself  and his team to get up in front of all the fans and do the fight song like we do after every win.
[Andrew Gross] 9:06 pm: The right CB will be addressed, probably through free agency, Clements is a possibility, especially after Sunday. Drew Coleman will be in the mix, possibly Miller since they’ll keep him around as a kick returner anyway.
[hiker] 9:06 pm: Why have the Jets not had any type of ceremony for Chrebet? I am really surprised at how he’s been more or less forgotten, and I think its sad. Anything on the horizon we don’t know about yet? Say, along the lines of the honors Mo and Marvin recieved last year? Would contacting the team about it do any good? Seriously, this disrespect has bothered me.
[Jetfanmack] 9:07 pm: not to infringe on hiker’s question, but the same thing could go for curtis, too…
[Jetfanmack] 9:07 pm: though he still is on the roster…
[jetsrule128] 9:06 pm: did coach mangini give a reason for no players of the week this was missing from his monday pc
for those who don’t know
[Andrew Gross] 9:08 pm: Mangini only announces players of the week after victories – which I find cheesy. At this point, I believe the Jets are holding off on Chrebet until they do something with Martin.
[Andrew Gross] 9:08 pm: Plus the Jets have never been great at fostering good relations with their former players anyway.
[hiker] 9:09 pm: Yeah, but…its Wayne, ya know. Thanks.
[Andrew Gross] 9:10 pm: Wayne has bought the bar/restaurant across the street from Hostra, it’s going to be called Chrebet’s, don’t think it’s open yet.

[Exit 117] 9:10 pm: Although there is little doubt about it now, but is there any question of Nugent’s job security? What were the reactions of Westhoff, Mangini, & Co. following his sudden ability to reach the goal line on kick offs and make long field goals after so much failure?
[Exit 117] 9:10 pm: Or not necessarily failure, but inconsistencies, plus Westhoff’s rumoured “plan” of more shallow kickoffs. Did he decide to change his theory based on poor starting field position, or did Nugent ask to be unleashed?
[Andrew Gross] 9:12 pm: We had our one chance to talk to Westhoff during the bye week so I can’t give you fresh quotes from him. I think the plan will be to bring in another K to compete with Nugent during training camp, Mangini expressed some regret about not doing that this year when I asked him about it. He said it was a numbers issue and it wasn’t necessarily the way he liked doing things.
[Andrew Gross] 9:12 pm: Nugent said he’s been working on leg strength but mostly he’s improved his consistency.
[Jetfanmack] 9:13 pm: So, be honest, what do you think of our chances to win out?
[Andrew Gross] 9:14 pm: Like I said before, I think the Miami game is going to be really tough. This team just hasn’t shown the consistency all season to believe they’ll go 3-0.
[Jetfanmack] 9:14 pm: got a final tomorrow, so i haven’t been here 100% of the time
[Andrew Gross] 9:15 pm: No sweat, I’m impressed you’ve started studying this early in the evening, I never seemed to get around to it until midnight or so. Probably why I’m a sports writer.
[Jetfanmack] 9:15 pm: I guess that the hatred of Mangini portrayed during the preseason was overplayed, huh?
[Andrew Gross] 9:16 pm: Nah, the players still grumble. I overheard one player the other day complaining about something in the locker room and a teammate chimed in with, “yeah, it’ll probably become a rule.” But players don’t have to like coaches, just respect them.
[NYJ EcKo151] 9:16 pm: I’m not really too enamored with Bob Sutton, I feel he is a puppet while Mangini calls the defense…Could he be let go this offseason, and could Mangini bring in a Pepper Johnson from the Pats? Boehim needs Watkins to shoot more
[Andrew Gross] 9:19 pm: I’ve known Bob a long time, I covered him when he was the Army coach and, like Wright, he’s one of the guys I truly respect. It’s a shame I’m not allowed to talk to him this season. That said, I’ve been thinking for a while I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Jets go a different direction for d coordinator, like a Romeo Crennel if Cleveland fires him. Bob’s such a loyal company guy I could see him agreeing to becoming the LB coach again.
[GreenBeans] 9:20 pm: Which players are the actual leaders on this team.  I know Pennington and Vilma are, but some of the others (like Ellis) seem to be forcing it.  Who is really getting “heard” in the locker room by the other players?  Basically, if you had to take the pulse of the team, who would you talk to?
[Andrew Gross] 9:21 pm: Definitely Coles. When he comes out and says some of the things he does, almost crossing the line but never actually doing it, I’m convinced he’s speaking on behalf of all players and he knows he has the juice to get a message across to Mangini.
[GreenBeans] 9:22 pm: That’s actually a good sign – I was hoping Coles was not just popping off for himself.  Thanks.
[Andrew Gross] 9:23 pm: I’m learning everything in football has a purpose. In hockey it was different, the guys just talked and, since many of them are goofballs (in the absolute nicest way I can mean that) it was fantastic off-the-wall funny stuff.

[raffyD] 9:24 pm: What are the chances that Vilma is used as trade bait in the offseason?  He hasn’t been the most well adjusted of the lb’ing corps to put it mildly and he’s still an incredible player but maybe just not for Mangini’s system.
[Andrew Gross] 9:25 pm: I don’t think the Jets would want to trade him but Mangini and Tannenbaum are both very bright guys. They’ll never let if they came to the conclusion Vilma would never work in this system (since that would decrease his trade value). But if they did believe that, I could them trying to deal him. That said, I don’t think they’ve come to that conclusion.

[ecurb2369] 9:25 pm: What do you think of Herm Edwards job in KC so far Andrew? Same old Herm or a new man? Do you think he will last there?
[Andrew Gross] 9:27 pm: Sort of a tough one for me to answer, just because I wasn’t on this beat last season to see Herm first hand. From afar, he strikes me as the same old Herm. KC’s defense has gotten better, the offense has become more conservative and the Chiefs are losing games (Browns? Hello?) that they desperately need to win. But the Chiefs have generally been a loyal organization and I think Herm gets a minimum 4-5 years before he’s in any trouble.
[Andrew Gross] 9:28 pm: Given that his QB was hurt a good portion of this season, Herm’s not doing too bad a job there.

[Sperm Edwards] 9:28 pm: Clemens was moved up recently from #3 to #2 as we all know.  What was the biggest barrier to moving him up sooner? Learning the playbook, reading defenses to audible, reading progressions, accuracy, etc?
[Andrew Gross] 9:31 pm: Probably a little bit of all of that. It’s tough on-the-job training being a rookie QB in the NFL, especially trying to pick up Schott’s system. I asked Clemens the other day if he thought his improvement was more mental or physical. I thought he’d say mental because he has the physical tools. But he said he hoped it was both. Two good signs about Clemens, he’s got a strong, accurate arm and he thinks the game much the same way that Chad does. He should be an upgrade.

[Jetfanmack] 9:31 pm: I read that Cotchery worked hard on his speed this offseason. Is his success this year the result mainly of his hard work or just the increased opportunity to play? And any word on whether they want to start contract extension talks?
[Andrew Gross] 9:33 pm: Cotchery’s increased opportunity to play is a direct result of his offseason work. They should get a deal done this offseason.
[Sperm Edwards] 9:33 pm: I have one other question re clemens – a quick one.  How tall is he really.  Saw a picture of him standing next to Ramsey who’s listed at 6’2 and Clemens looks a good 4″ shorter.
[Andrew Gross] 9:34 pm: He’s taller than me and I’m 5-11 (and 3/4 inches, most frustrating thing in my life, coming that close but not getting to six feet). I’d say he’s 6-1.
[Andrew Gross] 9:35 pm: You sure you didn’t see Doug Flutie standing next to Ramsey.

[DireJet38] 9:36 pm: What is the deal with Mangini scouting these AUSSIE rugby guys? I saw they just braught in Willie Mason, a 6’5 250 lb. brawler. What is the point of this? Is it for real? Does Mangini really plan on getting serious with this? I don’t see the point, of course unless it is a punter. Enlighten me Gross.
[Andrew Gross] 9:37 pm: Yeah, Mangini’s totally serious about this, they’re scouting Australia. Hey, everybody once laughed at MLB teams bringing in Japanese players. They like Mason as a TE but I don’t think they’re going to bring him in. He probably
doesn’t have the speed.

[NYJ EcKo151] 9:36 pm: Is it safe to say Kimo von Oelhoffen has been one of the biggest Jets free agent busts? What a joke watching that guy, disgusts me.
[Andrew Gross] 9:39 pm: Very fair assessment of Kimo. Even before the season started $3 million this season for Kimo and $9 million over three, though they can reasonably get out of the last season, seemed wacky.
[Andrew Gross] 9:40 pm: Kimo cut? Not a defnite because of cap considerations.
[NYJ EcKo151] 9:40 pm: Ugh, a 36 year old DE, who is clearly done…But I digress, thanks for the time Drew’. Great stuff.

[ecurb2369] 9:38 pm: What would you say are the chances that our Front Office tries to trade up and get Brady Quinn, do you think it would be a bad move and we should give Clemens a try first?
[Andrew Gross] 9:39 pm: I don’t see the Jets trading up for Quinn, too many other needs

[Jetfanmack] 9:40 pm: So is Askew done after the year? He’s been pretty fazed out as one of the bigger busts in the Bradway era…
[Andrew Gross] 9:41 pm: I don’t necessarily see Askew gone after this season. Mangini likes his athleticism.
[Jetfanmack] 9:42 pm: Even though he keeps bringing in guys like Jamar Martin and Hodgins as lead blockers?
[Andrew Gross] 9:43 pm: Two different things on Hodgins and Askew, Askew can actually be used in the offense, Hodgins is a pure blocker. BTW, I have a story on Hodgins tomorrow’s Journal News.

[Andrew Gross] 9:41 pm: Appreciate all the questions, good stuff. Thanks for having me back.
[GreenBeans] 9:42 pm: Thank you, Andrew – great stuff!
[Jetfanmack] 9:42 pm: thanks a lot
[Jetfanmack] 9:42 pm: especially for the extra 40 minutes
[Andrew Gross] 9:43 pm: As for the extra 40 minutes, thank my wife, she came home early from work and was able to put the kids to bed.

[Jetcane] 9:42 pm: Which guy do you have the best rapport with, and feel most comfortable talking with?
[Andrew Gross] 9:45 pm: Best rapport in the room? Tough one. I think Pete Kendall is the only guy in the room who actually knows my name, but he’s a little different than most of the NFL athletes. I’ve got a good rapport with Rhodes, Washington, Chatham, Barlow, Baker. Some good guys. If I need something, probably Chatham or Baker or Kendall.

[DireJet38] 9:44 pm: This is an extreme foresight, but looking ahead to next year, the schedule looks quite tough. Obvisuly the NFL changes on a yearly basis, but how do you think Mangini would handle the stress of a failed season? His coy demeanor seems to been met without much opposition, but that of course is because the season has been more or less a success.
[Andrew Gross] 9:46 pm: I’m convinced this one-game-at-a-time even-keel consistency Mangini shows is no act. I don’t think he’d flame out or whig out or whatever in a 5-11 season, not that I see that coming. But I could see the Jets being a better team next season and still being 8-8 or 7-9, based on schedule. I think 2008 could be a stellar season, though.
[Jetfanmack] 9:47 pm: 3rd year super bowl a la parcells sounds good to me
[Andrew Gross] 9:48 pm: I think that Parcells’ model is , well, the model, I could definitely see it going that way here.

[Exit 117] 9:47 pm: Alright, another question about that right side of the offensive line. Does Mangini plan to hold on to a guy like Brandon Moore before signing these new guys through free agency, just in case he can’t get the fixes he has in sight? Or is there some other story of a rocky relationship between Moore and the new staff? Does he plan to try it all in one year, or over the next two to three?
[Andrew Gross] 9:49 pm: I don’t think there’s any rocky relationship. I think it’s just impersonal, cut and dried, Moore probably isnt’ up to the standards Mangini wants to set. That said, Moore’s been much better than Clement

[jetsrule128] 9:48 pm: hey andrew do you know where ps players watch the game and why mangini does not let them stand on the sidelines
[Andrew Gross] 9:51 pm: PS players don’t travel so they probably watch road games at home. Not sure if it’s a Mangini or league rule that they can’t be on sidelines Inactive players can be on the sideline.

[ecurb2369] 9:49 pm: This is going back a bit but… after the Colts loss, was the team really let down? That seemed like a heartbreaker for them, about to beat an “elite” team only to have Manning come march down the field…
[Andrew Gross] 9:52 pm: ecurb – Team was disappointed but not down after Colts game. They liked the fact that Mangini went for TD not FG, that was a turning point, in a way, because it was exactly what Herm woulnd’t have done.

[Sperm Edwards] 9:52 pm: Andrew, again you’ve been first-rate
[Sperm Edwards] 9:53 pm: You have no idea how many PM’s I got over the last 2 hours saying how great you are at this, Andrew.

[Jetfanmack] 9:53 pm: does that say something about how jets fans feel about herm?
[Andrew Gross] 9:53 pm: Hey, thanks everybody for hanging out, really enjoyed  the dialog. I always feel like I learn plenty from you guys, it helps me focus my thinking.
[Andrew Gross] 9:55 pm: I wanted to find out what bands DeathMetalJetsFan listened to.
[Andrew Gross] 9:57 pm: I’ll listen to just about anything. But I like listening to the harder stuff while I’m trying to write, gets the adrenaline pumping.

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