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DraftDaddy.com Chat – 04/24/06

On 4/24/06, Bitonti and R44 from http://draftdaddy.com stopped by the http://JetNation.com Chat Room and answered questions from our members. Â

[Smizzy] 8:06 pm: Who’s Hot & Who’s not with 5 days till draft day?
[R44] 8:06 pm: Antonio Cromartie is said to be hot, yet he has only started 1 game in his career….LenDale White has some issues — he’s cold.
[bitonti] 8:06 pm: I’ve heard a lot of buzz about NC State DT John McCargo in the last few days – could be making a bid for the tail end of the first round. CB Cromartie is very hot property as teams realize he’s healing fine from the injury.
[bitonti] 8:07 pm: RB Lendale White is not hot – he could get taken in the 30s with the pick Denver just got from SF in a Justin Miller type of free fall.
[R44] 8:07 pm: Joe Klopfenstein could get real hot….Net surfers don’t like him as much, but the NFL types do….Maybe round 1 or early round 2?
[R44] 8:08 pm: Klopfhenstein is a tight end from Colorado
[R44] 8:09 pm: Some “insiders� think safety Jimmy Williams of Virginia Tech might drop into rd 2, we’ll see, however.

[Smizzy] 8:06 pm: In the unlikely event that DRob is traded, does this automatically thrust Ngata into play for the Jets, and if so, is Ngata a huge reach at #4? He seems to be the guy left out of the conversation when discussing the Vernon Davis/Mario Williams-type “freaks,� but Ngata is a mammoth man who moves so well for his size. Is he a NT?
[bitonti] 8:09 pm: Smizzy I cannot say enough good things about Ngata – his personal life is tragic losing both parents in less than three years but the result is a situation where he literally has to support his entire family. I agree he’s a planet player and isn’t a reach at all at #4 – even if they don’t trade Drob. Drob is an excellent 3-4 DE in Mangini’s system, Ngata is a true nose they compliment each other well. Ngata is a true run stopper and together with the penetrating D_rob could be the best tackle duo out side of Jacksonville
[bitonti] 8:10 pm: Is 5.1 40 at 350 (Ngata) as exciting as 4.6 at 290(Williams) ? No but it’s close.
[Smizzy] 8:10 pm: Good to hear. Do you think he would still be on the board if we traded down 4 or 5 picks?
[bitonti] 8:12 pm: Smizz i think the lowest the Jets could drop and still be guarunteed Ngata is 7.Â

[jetsrule128] 8:08 pm: Ok I am going late round hear but i hear he is a sleeper where do you think QB Michael Harrington will end up and what round do you think he will go in?
[R44] 8:09 pm: Mike Harrington was a decent junior in 2005, but was glued to the bench in 2005, with the arrival of Steven Wichman…Harrington’s best chance is a free agent.
[jetsrule128] 8:10 pm: thank you
[R44] 8:11 pm: Yea, Harrington is a player we really followed over the summer of 2005, but once he lost his job, he had little hope…Maybe he can follow brother Joey to Miami or Denver as a free agent?
[jetsrule128] 8:11 pm: You actually heard of him I am shocked.
[bitonti] 8:11 pm: R44 knows everyone.
[R44] 8:13 pm: Yes, we know about him.. The fact his Joey Harington’s brother helps him….That Idaho team has no real prospects, except Arena League types. Maybe with coach Dennis Erickson coming in things will change?
[jetsrule128] 8:13 pm: Agreed he is not even on nfl.com
[Smizzy] 8:12 pm: DraftDaddy has loved Jay Cutler from the start, even in spite of most other sites and publications shying away from him based on some brutal egocentric comments (�I didn’t have All-Americans at every position [like Matt Leinart]), as well as, while Cutler looked supposedly great at the Senior Bowl, upon further review draft guys a la Kiper have found him to be an erratic passer and a major project. Is Jay Cutler legit, or is he just this year’s giant smoke-screen player, with teams who want Leinart and/or Young trying to push Cutler up the charts to push their guy down?
[bitonti] 8:13 pm: Ah the Jay Cutler question…
[bitonti] 8:14 pm: First off is he legit? the guy can make every throw on the field so that’s at least a start to being legit. He’s not Ryan Leaf or Jeff George in terms of personality but I think there is a question about him throwing his teammates under the bus so to speak.  He’s lucky not to have been killed playing 4 years behind a sub standard OL in the SEC, so some testiness is not unexpected.
[R44] 8:15 pm: I must take full credit for Cutler being ranked as a 1st rounder on our site as of arly summer 2005….Kiper and the “pay guru’s� had him as aDay2 pick over the summer…They were wrong.– I pushed him onto Bitonti over the summer and he liked him.
[Smizzy] 8:16 pm: Well you guys were right and stuck to your guns. Well done.
[bitonti] 8:16 pm: As for other draft experts and their opinions we could fill an entire draft chat session with criticisms of these guys. an AFC personnel director said off the record on MSNBC that Cutler could be the best prospect not only this year but in the last 10 years at the QB position.
[bitonti] 8:16 pm: that’s an extreme statement but also that is his upside.
[bitonti] 8:17 pm: Personally I think he could be gone by the time the Jets pick he’s that highly regarded on some boards. The Titans need a QB and he played in Tennessee…actually beat Tennessee his senior year. He would be an easy sell if Leinart goes in the 2 slot.
[jumpinjoe] 8:14 pm: Are the Jets enamored with any of the running backs with one of their first 3 picks?
[R44] 8:17 pm: Joe, LenDale White might be available to the Jets in round 2…Or maybe a Maroney or Addaii (if they make it round 2).  Jerious Norwood is a good back in round 3, as is Brian Calhoun, who fared poorly at the Combine, then was great at Pro Day.Â
[jumpinjoe] 8:18 pm: Thanks
[j e t s] 8:16 pm: Thanks for the chat, what effect if any will schott have on the offensive picks?
[R44] 8:18 pm: BTY, the Jets could draft a Maroney, White or Addai in round 1…Not likely, but possible.
[R44] 8:21 pm: Jets, not sure Schottenhemier will have much impact, considering his age and short tenure in NYC….I think the scouts will earn their money this spring….as they always do. But with so many newbies, they are more important.
[Smizzy] 8:18 pm: If you’re the Jets and you’re staring at Brick and Mario Williams at 4, which direction do you go? Also, do the reports of Mario Williams having major motivation issues scare you away from him at all? Being benched at NC State for poor effort, multiple times, has to raise some Courtney Brown flags, no?
[bitonti] 8:20 pm: Personally I’d take Brick over Mario. The OL is in a shambles and Brick is an extremely well grounded individual who knows what life is like in New York. He’s a less risky pick. Traditionally top 10 DE is riskier pick than top 10 OT – at the worst case you are getting a quality starter with the OT – not always the case with the DE.
[bitonti] 8:20 pm: Also you can find 3-4 DE in other rounds – it’s essentially a DT position not a position for a guy who runs 4.6
[Smizzy] 8:21 pm: Were you as impressed as I was that D’brick went to all of his interviews in a business suit?
[bitonti] 8:25 pm: Most of the time that’s where you want your OL to be in terms of weight – even guys who you’d think could carry an extra 40 pounds or more like a Pace or an Odgen will break down over time. These guys peaked early and have been breaking down over time. A player like Brick, should he avoid injuries will be more consistent over the long haul.
[madmike1] 8:25 pm: Is their any way that bobby carpenter is there at 29 and if he is the jets can’t pass on him can they?
[R44] 8:28 pm: MadMike, thanks to his ankle injury, there is a chance Bobby C. can fall to 29….He’s considered the consumate 3-4 OLB, so he’d be a nice pickup for the Jets. But as Bit pointed out, the Patriots, 49ers and Jags all like him…Giants too.
[madmike1] 8:28 pm: If the jets could get carpenter at 29 i’ll do a cartwheel.
[bitonti] 8:27 pm: Mad Mike it’s possible but unlikely – there are alot of teams who have LB needs in between 21 (the Patriots, and possibly Carpenter’s pick ceiling) and where the Jets pick at 29. Smizzy asked a question earlier about who is hot – this guy Carpenter is hot recently.
[Matt39] 8:26 pm: Having played against Wisconsin FB Matt Bernstien in High School, you think he gets drafted? I know he was initially regarded as the best true FB in the draft, but injuries are a concern.
[bitonti] 8:29 pm: Matt 39 fullback is not a premium position any more – the BJ askew experiment aside, it’s very tough for even the best fullbacks to get drafted. Bernstein is a great try hard guy who could garner a late round pick but I’ve heard his neck and back are a mess. Teams look at the punishment you take at the college level and word is that dude took a lot of punishment.
[R44] 8:29 pm: Bernstein is seen as TE — too tall for a FB….he won’t likely be drafted….too slow for a TE; too big for a fullback…Plus, he’s too often injured and not super athletic.
[Harvlis] 8:26 pm: I keep hearing that the Jets are interested in the TE from Maryland. Any chance?
[bitonti] 8:31 pm: Harv RE Vernon Davis in terms of pure measurables he does carry a top 5 value. In terms of positional scarcity if the Jets were to stick at 4 and take this player it would be the highest pick ever in the history of the draft for a tight end. let’s say that again. Highest TE pick ever.
[bitonti] 8:32 pm: If Tangini remember the previous Jets TE busts, to make history with their first pick ever as Jets brass – that would be a ballsy pick to say the least. There are questions about Davis ability to catch the ball in traffic, he’s an amazing prospect but not a perfect prospect.
[bitonti] 8:32 pm: So the answer is i think Vernon Davis is mostly smokescreen. I’d be very surprised if it happened at the 4 slot.
[JonEJet] 8:27 pm: Bit…You and I will agree to disagree on one subject….Charlie Whitehurst…..Tell me why again you think he’ll bust??
[bitonti] 8:33 pm: JonE as for Whitehurst…
[bitonti] 8:34 pm: you know how they say so-and-so has icewater in his veins – this guy has dishwater in his veins. Everything he has done up to his point has been unclutch. He looks the part – son of a pro and has a pro arm. But whoever drafts Whitehurst hopes he doesn’t ever put down that clipboard.
[bitonti] 8:35 pm: Sorry bro it’s nothing personal to you or Charlie or clemson or the state of South Carolina.
[JonEJet] 8:35 pm: I respect your opinion…bottom line, is that he has the tools…Thanks.
[bitonti] 8:35 pm: When he was at Mobile he was awful in practices, great in the exhibition – that’s unclutch to me. You want to make plays when Bellichek is in the stands not when he’s back in Mass.
[bitonti] 8:35 pm: He definitely has the tools. No question.
[madmike1] 8:30 pm: speaking of fullbacks where would my boy Brian Leonard have gone if he went pro and were does he project next year?  He’s got to be a top 3 FB.
[R44] 8:31 pm: A top fullback to watch is Nick Hartigan, who was actually a super athlete/running back…..Averaged about 180 per game….Teams like to bulk up athletes, so he has a chance….He, actually, deserves a look at RB –ala Alstott.
[R44] 8:32 pm: Brian Leonard should be a top 50 pick overall, assuming he stays
healthy….He’s a great combo -RB/FB…
[R44] 8:34 pm: Mad Mike, as it stands now, Leonard is a top 3 running back (not just fullback) in the next class….
[Jetlag] 8:34 pm: What first rounder is the most likely to have a drug charge immediately prior to the draft?
[R44] 8:40 pm: Jetlag, it won’t likely happen (drug charge) a bar fight is a different story….
[bitonti] 8:42 pm: Jetlag also if there is a drug charge that guy won’t be a first rounder for long. Interestingly enough Kirwan in his latest mock draft alludes to two players, both of possible first round stock that failed a drug test but the results haven’t been made public yet – it’s possible his definition of first round stock is different than mine or yours but I tend to disagree with Riggo on this point, something will come out the day of the draft, it always does.
[ThunderbirdJet] 8:35 pm: What do you guys think of Brandon Marshall?  Can he really be the “little TO� some have named him?
[R44] 8:39 pm: Thunderjet, thanks for your O-Line piece. Fans love it…Love it….Marshall is probably a 4th or 5th rounder. But if one team loves him, he could go as high as the 3rd…..Just has too little experience as a WR, but that’s not his fault, as the coaches at UCF kept bouncing him between offense and defense during his career.
[ThunderbirdJet] 8:40 pm: Thanks, R44….. I’ve heard some character problems with Marshall, true?
[R44] 8:41 pm: Thunderbird, I haven’t seen that, but you might be right. If it’s it’s true, he drops further.  Bottom line is Marshall got lucky —- UCF had a rash of injuries, so he got a shot.
[ThunderbirdJet] 8:42 pm: I heard marshall took plays off, not sure how true that is.
[R44] 8:42 pm: Thunderbird (continued)…because Marshall hasn’t been known for long, we aren’t that familiar with him, as some of the others.
[Smizzy] 8:35 pm: Leinart: This seems to be a typical case of paralysis by analysis. His arm gets labeled “weak� and what we’ve all been treated to is that he won’t be able to throw it in the Meadowlands. Considering that the QB who has had the most success at the Meadowlands, Phil Simms, never had a rocket launcher, and that fellow cold weather QBs Tom Brady and even Ben Roethlisberger are not known for having strong arms, yet are incredibly successful. Even Chad Pennington, with the worst arm ever attached to a human, was successful at the Meadowlands. Isn’t his arm strength “problem�
incredibly over-stated?
[bitonti] 8:36 pm: worst arm ever attached to a human LOL
[bitonti] 8:36 pm: is it still attached?
[bitonti] 8:38 pm: ok back to Leinart… Don’t forget this player has already had 2 throwing arm surgeries. That can’t be just glossed over. What if he has a third problem? All of a sudden he’s 3 surgeries down the pike and he’s got years left on his rookie deal. Maybe I’m being too sensitive but I think as a Jets fan we all have the right to expect who ever the next QB of the Jets to have a healthy fully attached bon-a-fide arm. Is that so much to ask?
[bitonti] 8:39 pm: Also bring up tape of UCLA vs USC in 2005 we are talking about a stiff So Cal wind – not the Meadowlands in December – his passes were fluttering badly.
[bitonti] 8:39 pm: I think Leinart is a great prospect – the most pro ready in the draft – but not a fit for the AFC East and it’s weather patterns.
[JETSFAN5180] 8:42 pm: If Vince Young is there at 4 do the Jets take him?
[R44] 8:46 pm: 5180, word is the Jets are scared of Young…..A lot of upside, but has a downside…That is what a NY Jets beat writer told us in the last chat and he still writes Young and the Jets aren’t a fit…We’ll see, though?
[WestchesterJet] 8:42 pm: I jumped in this convo late, so I apologize is this has already been asked.  But here goes, am I crazy for stating, as a fact, that Haloti N’gata is the best defensive lineman in this draft? Mario Williams is certainly a wonderful prospect, but I’m talking right now. Am I crazy for thinking that?
[bitonti] 8:44 pm: Westchester I did talk about Ngata but I like the guy so much I’ll talk about him again – You are not crazy for making that statement. As of right now he’s accomplished more than Williams, who let’s be honest had some help on that line. Ngata never had help, always played injured and he made that Oregon program legit. We are talking about the first All American at Oregon since HOF’er Len Renfro in the 1960’s.
[bitonti] 8:45 pm: Not to take away from Mario – who is a true size/speed dynamo – but on my personal Jets board (not the draft daddy board) i’d put Ngata as a truer fit of team needs.
[jumpinjoe] 8:43 pm: On Sirius radio, it was reported 2 first round talents had failed drug tests. Any idea who? If the first 3 go Bush, Ferguson, Williams, what do the Jets do? Thanks.
[R44] 8:43 pm: “Interestingly enough Kirwan in his latest mock draft alludes to two players, both of possible first round stock that failed a drug test but the results haven’t been made public yet – it’s possible his definition of first round stock is different than mine or yours but i tend to disagree with Riggo on this point, something will come out the day of the draft, it always doesâ€?.
[R44] 8:44 pm: I wasn’t aware of that…..I take it back Jetlag….
[R44] 8:45 pm: Pure guess on the off-field issues would be wrong (drugs), but I do know Jimmy Williams is absolutely skewered do to his character by some “insiders�.  What does that mean, however?
[bitonti] 8:47 pm: R44 just to think out loud Jimmy Williams has taken a huge dive as of late he could have failed a test. Another guy who went from first round lock to totally missing was Rod Wright out of Texas. I don’t want to speculate on a subject so serious without facts but these two players have taken a stock plunge [bitonti] 8:49 pm: also don’t discount LenDale White’s test failing abilities. Nothing would surprise me when it comes to that guy – we are talking about a possible top 10 player after the rose bowl, now he’s 25 pounds overweight and hasn’t run a 40 yard dash for anyone. Another bit of bad news like a drug test would not surprise me at all.
[jetsrule128] 8:47 pm: Do you think any arena football 1 or arena football 2 players will go this year in the draft if so who and what round?
[R44] 8:49 pm: Jetsrule, 2005 AFL ROY Troy Bergeron, a speedy wide receiver, has a chance to be drafted…but he hasn’t played outdoor football since high school, so it will be tough…He is fast.
[bitonti] 8:50 pm: Troy ran a 4.38 on 1 watch at his pro day
[jetsrule128] 8:50 pm: What about Derek Lee
[R44] 8:51 pm: Williams makes a lot sense (pure guess), because some insiders have just blasted him recently…..Jetsrule, D.Lee can’t be drafted — he signed as an undrafted FA in 2004 (Jets).
[Smizzy] 8:51 pm: Are guys like Reggie McNeal, Brad Smith and Michael Robinson suffering from comparisons to Michael Vick? Teams around the NFL have to be leery of drafting an athlete and trying to turn them into a QB, simply by watching the train wreck that has been Vick recently, with his injury problems and inability to run an NFL offense. Are we starting to see the end of all the
hype surrounding the running QB?
[R44] 8:52 pm: Smizzy, McNeal is the only one of the trio that has a shot at QB….Smith will definitely suffer from not wanting to play WR, he’s not a good QB prospect….
[bitonti] 8:53 pm: Some would say the hype behind the running QB started not with Vick but a lot earlier with Roger Staubach in the 1970s… or Elway in the early 80s… or Young, Cunningham, McNair, McNabb, etc. People always say the running QB will revitalize the position… the truth is that a good team in bad weather (i.e. playoff weather) will contain and brutalize the running QB in the NFL.
[R44] 8:53 pm: Robinson has very average skills at all positions, I think.
[bitonti] 8:55 pm: Sooner or later a running QB has to make the transition to pocket passer – when it comes time for Young to make that transition what are his chances? Anyone seriously considering taking this guy has to ask that question… or risk duplicating the failures of history. Some runners can stop running first – other’s can’t. I agree with R44 McNeal is legit the others really aren’t, not at QB.
[Smizzy] 8:54 pm: Why do teams, every year, fall in love with players who run the 40 2/100ths faster than the next guy, even though the next guy is often the safer pick, and a lot of these guys who run a little slower end up being incredibly productive in the NFL? Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith were both considered slow coming out, and they may be the #1 player at their respective positions all time. Have we learned nothing from drafting the Bryan Thomas’ and the Lam Jones’ of the world?
[bitonti] 8:56 pm: Smizzy for every Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice there are thousands of guys who were just too slow for the league. It’s true that sometimes tenths of a second can unnaturally swing draft position but overall it’s a game of killers and speed kills.
[bitonti] 8:58 pm: I agree that using the 40 yard dash as the be all and end all of speed measurement is a flawed practice. What good is a guy who can run a 4.3 on a warm day in shorts when he runs a 4.9 in the snow with full pads, tape etc. There is a difference between timed speed and football speed – the only way guys like Smith and Rice (and other “poorâ€? stop watch guys) is that their difference between football speed and timed speed was negligible.
[afosomf] 8:55 pm: R44 mcshay has croyle going to jets with 2nd rd pick
[R44] 8:57 pm: Afosomf, I have Brody going to the Vikings in the 2nd round –DD.com mock.
[Smizzy] 8:57 pm: What are your thoughts on Will Blackmon? He’s certainly a versatile player and someone I think would fit the Belichick-Mangini-Crennell mind-set: Team player, adaptable, athletic, versatile. Where do you think he will be drafted and by whom?
[bitonti] 9:00 pm: Will Blackmon is a tough nut to crack. He doesn’t particularly play either position incredibly well and it looks like all the transferring back and forth has set back his development. He should go in the mid rounds (3-5), if for no other reasons that teams love athletes and they all need cornerbacks. He’s an intriguing player but a bigger project than some others at the cornerback position.
[R44] 9:00 pm: Honestly, Blackman is among the hardest prospects to project, considering he’s been playing WR, while his best position is CB….I think he’s picked in the top 3 rounds…Considering he’s from Rhode Island, the Patriots would seem like a natural fit….Once he gets to the team, they can figure out what to do with him.
[Harvlis] 8:58 pm: Critics say that Reggie Bush will only be good for fifteen plays per game. Do you feel that this will be the case?
[R44] 9:02 pm: Harvlis, Bush will definitely have to prove his durability….His backers claim he rarely gets hit hard, due to his running style, so he may be able to carry the ball more often, but that is yet to be seen…..He definitely needs to be used like Marshall Faulk – judiciously.
[bitonti] 9:03 pm: Harv I think he will be used more out of the backfield (and lined up in the slot) as a receiver to augment his touches – he might get 15 carries but another 5 or more as a receiver.
[Smizzy] 9:01 pm: R44 ,of all the prospects switching position this year…which guy do you think can make the transition as well as say Randel El?
[R44] 9:04 pm: Smizzy, if Reggie McNeal wants to play WR, he has the most upside of all the athletic QB’s….New name to consider: Montana State star QB Travis Lulay “might� get a look at safety in the NFL….
[j e t s]Who will the Jets take at 4?
[bitonti] 9:02 pm: J e t s if Tangini take a player at 4 I will at least be very confident they have done their research. If it’s at a non-traditional position, so be it – I will give the player a chance based on my respect for their thoroughness.
[bitonti] 9:02 pm: If you are thinking about Davis he does carry a top 5 grade on measurables alone – but again it’s a very tough pick to make at 4 because it’s literally making history.
[gnamnito blackbird] 9:03 pm: what if Davis is drafted as or plays WR in the H-Back mode?
[gnamnito blackbird] 9:04 pm: say if he was on the jets, he lines up opposite Coles, with baker on the line, and he motions etc?
[bitonti] 9:05 pm: gnamito i agree he could be used like that – especially with his speed – however there are questions about how natural of a pass catcher he is – some scouts have said he did not look as comfortable running routes and making grabs as Shockey or even Winslow coming out.
[gnamnito blackbird] 9:07 pm: gotcha Bitonti, route-running…. also, is he as game fast as he is track-fast? IDK.
[WestchesterJet] 9:05 pm: What about quarterback Brett Basanez? I know he’s a little bit shorter than “ideal,� doesnt have a rocket arm, and doesn’t possess any of the other sexy attributes that scouts love.
However, he is very intelligent, relatively mobile, has great leadership and is pretty accurate. He can at least can be a backup QB in this league, IMO, but do you think he can develop into something more? What’s your
take on him? I have him pegged as a third/fourth round value
[bitonti] 9:07 pm: Westchester I think you may have answered your own question – lack of measurables will impede his stock to the point that 3rd/4th might be high for that player.
[bitonti] 9:08 pm: I love his moxie but NFL GMs want their first day picks to look like a certain mold – Basanez does not fit that mold for the QB position as a result it will be an uphill battle for him.
[R44] 9:09 pm: Brett Basenez is probably a latter round pick or a free agent…..I think his size hurts him, plus Gradkowski and McNeal really outplayed him at the East-West game….He has a chance to though…Good athlete.
[Smizzy] 9:08 pm: I just want to thank the guys from Draftdaddy.com once again for doing this chat with us. We appreciate you taking time out to do this with us. Amazing job once again. Make sure you guys check out Draftdaddy.com ,The one & only stop for all your draft needs!
[bitonti] 9:09 pm:Yes ok now Smizzy how about you loan us a couple thousand vbucks?
[Smizzy] 9:09 pm: vBookie will be open tonight for business.
[bitonti] 9:10 pm: I’ve noticed – well done. I want to see more prop bets like how long will Kiper go before he says upside.
[bitonti] 9:10 pm: Will the Jets fans boo their pick? Can i lay 100 v bucks on that one?
[Smizzy] 9:11 pm: I’m gonna do bets for the draft on Sunday, be on the lookout for those.
[WestchesterJet] 9:12 pm: Why do I have this feeling that Bradway is going to knock Tannenbaum out, and run LenDale White’s name to the podium with the 4th pick?
[bitonti] 9:12 pm: lol, that’s why they have to phone in the pick these days.
[WestchesterJet] 9:13 pm: Thank god.. they better have Bradway cuffed in the basement.
[bitonti] 9:14 pm: Personally i’m easy going about it this year – I have my own opinions about who I would draft but I have a confidence in Tangini and if their opinions differ from mine, I’m ok with that. As long as they don’t draft Vince Young.
[WestchesterJet] 9:14 pm: I’m with you on that one. Young is really the only person I would hate at 4.
[bitonti] 9:14 pm: Note I never had this confidence with Terry and Herman
[Smizzy] 9:15 pm: Also on Young, is it even possible to make a case that someone who scores under a 10 on their Wonderlic can become an effective NFL quarterback? I know that QB’s don’t need to be rocket scientists.
[bitonti] 9:16 pm: Assuming that he’s smart enough – (and I think he is smart enough) Vince Young in the AFC East would be a nightmare. Does anyone want to match up Young vs Belly? Young vs Saban? I don’t. These guys eat running QBs for breakfast.
[WestchesterJet] 9:16 pm: I’m no scout, but I think I’ve seen enough of Vince Young to realize that he wasn’t exactly making the most complicated reads in college.
[Smizzy] 9:14 pm: Bitonti ,R44…Thanks again. You guys did a great job and thanks for staying extra.  You guys rule.

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