View from the Upper Deck

By Tyson Rauch
Senior Columnist

While tailgating amongst the Raider fans and seagulls it was hard to find a good reason to enter inside the stadium. Both the Jets and Raiders were playing out the season, as well as using backup quarterbacks. In addition, there were many other marquee matchups, such as Cowboys vs Chiefs, Steelers vs Bears and so on that could be watched from the comfort of my own warm home. So why the hell was I here?

Then I began to look back at the months of March, April and May when I would kill to watch a preseason game let alone regular season game. All of those Sundays sitting around and wasting time just wishing I could watch my good ol’ Jets play some football. And here I have the chance to actually attend a game, and I am considering hitting a bar instead. Screw that!

So the question is: Why do fans stop coming to the games? The tickets are already paid for, and it is an opportunity to watch your favorite professional football team play a game. Why? Because both teams suck? So what!! Do you just support the Jets when they are winning? Don’t you think some of these young guys that are gaining valuable playing experience deserve some support while enduring growing pains? Don’t you think some of these veteran players who are still busting their asses (some while playing out of position) deserve some support? Okay, so you hate Herm…so what! Come to the game and voice your displeasure.

Think I am crazy? Then tell me how Lambeau Field was packed to the rafters in 7 degree weather when both the Packers and Lions are playing a meaningless game. Maybe some Jets fans don’t get it. Or maybe it is me. I just don’t understand when you only have the opportunity to watch your team play 8-10 games per year, why you would pass it up. You already paid for it!! Sure things come up, but I guarantee the next two Jets home games will have over 30,000 empty seats, which is just a damn shame. Football is still football whether you are 3-10 or 7-6. Feel free to let your tickets sit in your drawer, garbage can or pocket, but just remember that come March when you’re stuck watching figure skating on TV. I have not missed a game in over 14 years (including eight home losses in ’96) and I am not starting this year. I stick by the NY Jets win or lose and truly appreciate the ability to utilize my season tickets.

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