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Rich Cimini – Chat Transcript 01/11/06

RichCimini] 8:49 pm: Thanks, start firing away.

[JonEJet] 8:50 pm: Rich…Thanks again for your time. I have a million questions for you, but I’m going to make this one easy for you. I could care less that Herman is no longer our coach…I was a Herm supporter. What I AM concerned with are the players, and their reaction to Herm jumping ship. Are the players angry with Herm, or the Jets brass? Thanks again Rich.
[RichCimini] 8:52 pm: I’ve talked to about a half-dozen players and they weren’t shocked at all. A couple, off the record, said they felt a little betrayed.

[afosomf] 8:50 pm: Rich- does Woody know if Haslett gets hired, it will cause worldwar III.
[RichCimini] 8:54 pm: Haslett had a very good interview, I’m told, and the Jets really like him. But I’d rate him third right now, behind Mangini and Mr. Love Boat, Mike Tice

[NYRICAN] 8:50 pm: What is plan B if Mangini says no?
[RichCimini] 8:52 pm: My money is on Mangini. The question is, will he accept? Can’t say for sure right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays in NE.

[afosomf] 8:54 pm: Why won’t the Jets file tampering charges?
[RichCimini] 8:56 pm: No tampering charges because Bradway buckled at the negotiating table, letting his buddy Peterson rob him. The Jets should’ve done what Kraft did to them back in 97, when he threatened tampering charges in the Parcells mess. He wound up getting the commish involved and scoring a better comp package.

[The Real 80] 8:54 pm: Rich- do you think Jets fans are overreacting about the state of the franchise? A lot has been made that the coaching job for the Jets- and the franchise in general- is starting to resemble the Arizona Cardinals. What do you feel is the direction of the Jets under current leadership?
[RichCimini] 8:57 pm: To the Real 80, I do think fans are overreacting a bit. The Jets aren’t the Cards. They did make the playoffs 3/5 years, let’s not forget that. Lets see if Bradway can get them out of this.

[Smizzy] 8:58 pm: Rich What is your take on the whole “Woody is cheap” theory. When he spent tons of money on Ellis, Penny, Drob, Barrett and even paid Dinger double his salary to get him here. In fact, he gave Terry and Herm anything they ask for. Who started this cheap stuff?
[RichCimini] 8:59 pm: I’ll tell you who started the cheap stuff — Herm.

[madmike1] 8:59 pm: Rich do you think that maybe Bradway gets a bad rep with your beat writers because he’s just not media savvy? Like, for example, not mentioning the Mangini interview to you guys but giving it to Mike and the Mad Dog?
[RichCimini] 9:01 pm: Bradway isn’t a bad person, but he needs to take a PR course. He didn’t tell us because they hadn’t received permission from NE at that time. They got the permission before Mike and Dog show. Some of us intrepid beat writers already knew about Mangini before Mike and Dog.

[EricBarton50] 9:02 pm: Hey Rich, thanks for coming. Whats the inside scoop on D-Robs knee? And how overweight was he playing these past three years?
[RichCimini] 9:03 pm: Well, he’s got no cartilage in his knee, which means arthritis will set in eventually. Yes, he’s overweight. Came into camp in good shape, but let himself go a little.

[JonEJet] 9:04 pm: Rich, what do you feel Terry will do with the 4th overall pick? I can tell they will not go QB, they can’t. Will TB buckle and go for The Big OLineman he’d rather “develop” from the multiple 3rd and 4th rounders we have?
[RichCimini] 9:05 pm: I’d be shocked if the Jets took a QB, given their cap situation with Chad. They like D’Brick a lot, but 4 might be too high for him. If the new coach is a defensive guy (see Mangini), they could for Williams the corner or AJ Hawk.

[Smizzy] 9:04 pm: How much was Herm able to manipulate the media? How long into his tenure did it take some reporters to realize that they were either “inside” or “outside” Herm’s good-press cartel? All coaches, I’m sure, have their favorites and their least favorites, but would you describe Herm as somewhat obsessed with how he is projected in the media?
[RichCimini] 9:07 pm: Herm worked the media like a master spin doctor. I’m sure I’m guilty of letting him use me at times, but there were others who printed his jive verbatim without checking it out with other sources.

[Smizzy] 9:06 pm: Do you think that interviewing Joe Vitt is merely a favor to Vitt’s agent, who also happens to represent both Mike Sherman and Al Saunders? And, if so, would that indicate that the Jets have already ticketed Sherman for the job?
[RichCimini] 9:08 pm: Two words on Vitt …. courtesy interview. He’s a Bradway crony and he’s doing his friend a favor.

[R44] 9:08 pm: Yea, insiders are privately questioning Jimmy Williams speed….Herbtsteit of ESPN says he’s a safety…..How about Mario Williams of North Carolina State, a Bruce Smith type?
[RichCimini] 9:09 pm: I’ve heard good things about Williams, but I’d be lying if I tried to give a scouting report. Can’t imagine the Jets would take a DE.

[madmike1] 9:08 pm: Rich I want to ask about the contract situations of John Abraham (are they gonna give him the contract he earned this year) and Jon Vilma (are they going to lock him up like the giants did with Umenyiora)
[RichCimini] 9:10 pm: Vilma has three years left, so they don’t have to do anything. Abe’s future will depend on the coach. If it’s Mangini, Abe could be a goner. Some folks up in NE aren’t Abe fans and if Mangini thinks like Belichick, that means he probably doesn’t want Abe.

[afosomf] 9:09 pm: Rich why not take all the cap hits in 2006 as this will be a rebuilding year, thoughts of trading abe and cutting Chad?
[RichCimini] 9:11 pm: I can definitely see trading Abe, cutting Chad doesn’t make cap sense.

[R44] 9:09 pm: Any player buzz regarding Vince Young, even if the Jets don’t want him?
[RichCimini] 9:13 pm: No buzz on Young. I think the Jets believe he’s a long-term project and Bradway isn’t thinking long term.
[R44] 9:13 pm: Thanks on the Vince Young thing, I feel the same.

[R44] 9:13 pm: Are the Jets in good hands with Woody as an owner and Bradyway as GM, etc…Basically, do the Jets have the “minds” in the front office to make this work?
[RichCimini] 9:14 pm: Bradway needs to be a stronger GM. Instead of delegating and trying to make everyone feel involved, he should take charge and make the big decisions himself.

[mdjet] 9:14 pm: Rich, Terry has 2 years left, any coach not named Tice would want 4 year deal, why wouldn’t Terry want an up and comer to hitch his wagon to and get some job security?
[RichCimini] 9:15 pm: Very good point. Terry might be able to leverage it into a contract extension for himself.

[eightiesjets] 9:15 pm: How serious is the Mike Westoff talk?
[RichCimini] 9:16 pm: Look, I love Westhoff, think he’s a terrific ST coach, but he’s got no shot.

[JonEJet] 9:18 pm: You seem to feel Herm is the Worm in this situation, Forcing TB’s hand to make the move. When was it, at what time I should say, do you feel Herm said I’m outta here? Was there a specific game, incident, etc, etc.
[RichCimini] 9:22 pm: Let me answer Jon e jets question. I can’t divulge sources, so you’re gonna have to trust me : herm was looking at the kc job as far back as Sept.

[Smizzy] 9:18 pm: Haslett, Tice, Vitt, etc. Why are we hearing about all of these bottom-feeders? Vitt and Haslett have official visits scheduled or done already, and Tice’s may come this week. Is it just due diligence, or is Bradway really preparing to hire a cheap retread? Is this chatter about Kirk Ferentz and Eric Mangini just that–chatter?
[RichCimini] 9:20 pm: Forget Ferentz. He would want total control, like Saban, and Bradway’s not going to fire himself. Mangini is legit. One source told me today that Bradway compiled a list of retreads just to make Mangini look all the more better.

[afosomf] 9:22 pm: Rich- any chance that Steinbrenner would buy the jets. we need a strong owner who is committed to winning. Also any chance of Gregg Williams gets a call, Simms said his contract allows him to leave for a HC, he will cost $5M per?
[RichCimini] 9:22 pm: I think Williams can leave in 07, not this year.

[madmike1] 9:23 pm: I have a question about the WR situation because I think Coles is a great NO 2 but not a no 1 wideout. Any truth to the TO rumors? Is mccarins gone? (hopefully he is).
[RichCimini] 9:24 pm: I dont know where these To rumors are coming from. the Jets have no coach and they’re 30M over the cap, so I think they have bigger issues than TO.

[R44] 9:23 pm: Rich, any truth that Carl Peterson wanted Herm because he was a “weakend coach” and someone he could easily push around?
[RichCimini] 9:25 pm: I think King Carl just feels comfortable with Herm. Heard that the owner wanted a minority, so that might have had something to do with it. it’s the perfect situation for herm, and he planned a perfect escape.

[JonEJet] 9:26 pm: Rich, how was your relationship with Herm….did you see right through him, or did he sell you like the rest of us?
[RichCimini] 9:27 pm: I got along well with him, although I’m sure I wasn’t one of his favorites because I didn’t drink the Kool Aid. Probably cost me a couple of stories, but at least I didn’t compromise my integrity.

[afosomf] 9:28 pm: Which QB will be brought in to start in 2006, it won’t be Penne?
[RichCimini] 9:29 pm: I think Kitna could be an option, Maybe Volek if Dinger stays as OC. If Boygini gets the job, he might hire Mike Sheppard as OC. He worked with Aaron Brooks, so….

[Maxman] 9:28 pm: Any thoughts on the offensive line for next season? Specifically Mawae and Kendall?
[RichCimini] 9:28 pm: My gut is, Mawae stays, Kendall goes.

[The Real 80] 9:28 pm: Rich- playoffs for the Jets a possibility anytime soon?
[RichCimini] 9:27 pm: Jets will make the playoffs in 06.
[RichCimini] 9:27 pm: If Brady retires.

[R44] 9:29 pm: Rich, RSherry wants to if any new head coach will have any say in personnel moves?
[RichCimini] 9:30 pm: Coach will definitely have a say in personnel moves. Bradway listens to everybody, probably to his own detriment.

[Maxman] 9:31 pm: Rich any word on the move (training facility)? Have they finalized a location in NJ yet. Also I hope you like your commute!
[RichCimini] 9:33 pm: Im hearing it’s going to be Madison, NJ, in 07 or 08. Don’t worry, I’ll be long gone before Im faced with that commute.

[Maxman] 9:33pm: Alright guys that is all the time that Rich has. Very important deadline to meet. Rich, once again thank you for your time.

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