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DraftDaddy Chat – 02/07/06

[The Gun Of Bavaria] 8:10 PM Great turnout tonight, we should have a very good time. Thanks again to Bit and R44 for their time.
[The Gun Of Bavaria] 8:10 PM Well this question has to be on the mind of every Jets fan with a heartbeat. How does today’s GM shakeup effect the Jets draft plans? What type of draft theory shift may have occurred today?
[bitonti] 8:11 PM I’ll take this first part Riggo.
[bitonti] 8:12 PM The short answer is it tough to know what the effect will be – Obviously the days of Terry saying what he’s going to do and then doing it are gone. It looks like unless there is some other big announcement brewing (Ron Wolf as consultant or something like that) that Mangini will be shopping for his own groceries.
[The Gun Of Bavaria] 8:12 PM So you see Tannenbaum as nothing more then a puppet GM? Or is that a reach?
[R44] 8:13 PM Probably skews this more towards the head coaches wishes, if Bradway has been stripped of some power…..According to most, Tannenbaum is an Eric Mangini loyalist….All the talk on Pro Football Talk was spouting about a power struggle between the Jets HC and the GM seemed to be true…..Dare I say this means a defender in round 1?

[scott dierking II] 8:14 PM It appeared that Tannenbaum had a tough time answering that question on Mike and the Mad Dog today.
[bitonti] 8:14 PM Terry lives in Atlantic City and only commutes 3 or 4 days a week. There were comments from Terry like: I like such and such player, but I have to convince Mike. The pants have been worn by Mike for a while and Woody recognized that.
[bitonti] 08:14:53 PM He runs the cap and in this business money is everything.

The Gun Of Bavaria 08:15 PM JetNation NFL Talk Next question: It’s always easy to pick the big named stars that get all the press, but the late draft diamonds in the rough are the ones that really make the news. Who out there do you see as a forecasted late round pick that may be a steal down the road?
bitonti 08:15 PM Wow, where to start…
bitonti 08:16 PM Right now it tough to say who is going to be a late round pick because combines and workouts haven’t happened. Today’s 6th round pick could be a 2nd round pick after workouts.
bitonti 08:16 PM But in general there are sleepers everywhere and it’s a very deep class at most positions.
bitonti 08:17 PM Riggo jump in any time – I’m just going to keep typing regardless

The Gun Of Bavaria 08:17 PM Does any one player stand out or will the combines have to come around first?
bitonti 08:17 PM I like the tail end of the WR crop – guys like Troy Bergeron (AFL) or Marques Colston (Hofstra) are serious sleepers that could make waves. The problem with calling out the late round sleepers now is that they won’t be under radar for long if they are great testers.
R44 08:18 PM I like a kid named Rob Ninovich from Purdue a lot. He’s a DE/OLB in the Mike Vrabel mode — even caught some TD’s at tight end in 2005….Mike Haas of Oregon State doesn’t get enough respect….I think Texas DB Cedrik Griffin is also outstanding…..Miss. State RB Jerious Norwood can play the game too, he just played for a bad team….These are mostly mid-rounders….Latter part of the draft, Ethan Kilmer of PennState (WR) and Travaris Jackson of Alabama State (QB) are good.
bitonti 08:19 PM More on late round sleepers there is tremendous depth at DE, OG – too many to list. Here’s a name for you guys, Daniel Federskil out of Calgary – he’s a DE from Canada but can really play. OG Tony Palmer out of Missouri is on no one’s radar but ours – serious road grader could be a value pick on the second day.

scott dierking II 08:18 PM Bit, is Mortenson’s comment about Cutler possibly being the 1st QB being taken bearing any fruit?
bitonti 08:20 PM RE: Mort comment – it’s hard to say what’s going to happen at the top end of the draft but we have had Cutler for our top rated QB for months – As far as who has the best tools there’s no question it’s Cutler. We will see if people buy into that, most teams have Leinart as #1 and that will probably remain the case up until and through draft day.

tonysxl1200c 08:19 PM Thanks for your time guys!! We have a number of aging veterans on the squad in Martin, Mawae, Kendall & Fabini, and many question marks at QB, TE, OL, & DT to name the important ones. Doesn’t it really make more sense to trade down and acquire picks than to put all your hope into one 1st Round Pick?
R44 08:22 PM I think it can, Tony….Best way in ensure a better draft is extra picks….As you probably remember, everyone was praising the Jets in 2000 when they were able to come up with 4 1st rounders…..Penny was great until an injury; Becht was a minor bust, but Abe and Ellis have been good…I guess extra picks give you safety in numbers…Jets need that, I think.
bitonti 08:22 PM TonyS, that’s a great question. To be honest, I hate the trade down move – looking at drafts of the past, the trade down usually bites the team trading down, in retrospect. Look no further than 1997 Parcells draft, traded past Pace and Walter Jones to get Farrior and about 12 scrubs.

stormshadow19 08:22 PM Ok… we all know I’m a big Michigan guy. And, we all know Bit loves big Gabe. But, what about other Michigan seniors? Have you guys heard anything about Jason Avant or Tim Massiquoi?
R44 08:22 PM I got the Michigan ones…
bitonti 08:23 PM I’m of the opinion that if you have a chance to take a premium player you don’t pass on that chance. One great player is worth more than 4 busts.

bitonti 08:24 PM (general comment – look at all the people – 😀 i love the draft season!!)

GREENSMACKS 08:29:10 PM What team would be the favorite to get Abe or have the most interest if the Jets moved him? What do you think about Addai’s chances?
bitonti 08:26 PM Whoa that was like three questions 🙂 I’ll start on the Abe one…
bitonti 08:28 PM If he was traded Abe should warrant nothing less than a first round pick. He’s a three time pro bowler in the prime of his career – reputation-wise their best defender. That being said, whatever the Jets get for Abe, if they trade him, they will be probably getting ripped off. Again look at player for picks trades historically, unless you are getting a whole bushel of picks like the Ricky Williams or Herschel Walker situation the team getting the pick usually doesn’t apos;t get the better end of the deal.
bitonti 08:29 PM RE: Addai – a very underrated back who should be off the board before the first day (rounds 1 through 3) are over. Nice burst, GREAT hands out of the backfield, good speed, shifty. One of about 9 or 10 legitimate RB first day sleepers.
R44 08:29 PM Greensmack, Bush would make sense, but how do you get him without trading a ton for him? Quite the conundrum?
bitonti 08:30 PM RE: Bush – I don’t know how the Jets could pull this off and I don’t think they would do it. We don’t know much about Mangini but who was the only player at the press conference? Curtis.

Kentucky Jet Feb 7, 2006 08:30 PM BIT and R44, Thanks! This is great! Re Jean-GILLES. do you feel he is worth a 2nd round pick given his history. He has had only 1 great season.
[bitonti] 8:30 pm: whoo wee! a MJG question! It must me my lucky day
[R44] 8:31 pm: Kentucky, you asked the right man — bitonti loves his game.
[bitonti] 8:31 pm: He’s definately worth a high second, I would argue he’s worth a late first round pick as well but sometimes dominant guards slip due to the perception that GM’s have they can fill the position on the cheap.
[bitonti] 8:33 pm: while r44 is writing let me add that Max Jean Gilles is a running game on two legs. I can’t say enough good things about this player.

[deadringer] 8:31 pm: Bit and Riggo, thanks for doing the chat…i was curious about a couple of quarterbacks…what are the draft prospects for DJ Shockley, Brad Smith, and (big ol) Bruce Eugene?…namely, do Shockley and Smith look like they’ll be drafted as QBs, and will Eugene be drafted at all?
[bitonti] 8:31 pm: Also I would disagree he’s been playing great for several seasons. He’s one of those guys some NFL scouts have known about since BEFORE he was in college, just because he’s that unique of an athlete.
[R44] 8:31 pm: I’ll take the QB’s, Matt…..
[The Gun Of Bavaria] 8:32 pm: Thanks Kentucky – Very good question
[bitonti] 8:33 pm: He’s a fit someplace like Tampa Bay late in the first.
[R44] 8:33 pm: Smith was terrible at the Hula Bowl, word is he is moving positions — wr or safety…..Shockley was bad in Mobile, 5th or 5th rounder at best….Eugene was up to 290 pounds at 5′ 11″…dare I say too short and too fat for a QB?
[deadringer] 8:34 pm: thanks riggo…damn, 290?!…I thought the man was trying to lose weight…
[bitonti] 8:34 pm: As an aside, I heard Eugene’s goal was to get down to about 240 by workouts but still there are size concerns.
[R44] 8:34 pm: I doubt Eugene gets drafted, based on his size D1-AA status….
[bitonti] 8:34 pm: Even if he loses weight, he’s still not ideal QB proportions

[EthenicRobinson12] 8:34 pm: Abe question. How do you feel about the Abe for Rivers trade? And do you think that would be a better option than taking Cutler or taking a chance on a late round pick?
[bitonti] 8:35 pm: Rivers isn’t going anywhere. Drew Brees has neither an intact labrum nor a valid contract. It’s a non issue for Jets fans.
[bitonti] 8:36 pm: For 2006 obviously getting a vet option is better than taking a rookie but again unless we are talking Kitna or a trade for Schaub the pickings are slim.
[bitonti] 8:37 pm: Let me say in public that if the Jets sign Kerry Collins I might break down and cry. He’s terrible I don’t think anyone needs an expert to figure that one out.

[SportsGuru5] 8:35 pm: Are the Jets hiring Jim Herrmann as LB coach?
[bitonti] 8:39 pm: Guru I missed your question the short answer- ??? We don’t know. The long answer is we can speculate but at this point, who knows for sure. Mangini hasn’t announced any of the “confirmed” staff such as Sutton. He’s an enigma and there are no more leaks around Weeb Ewbanks Hall.
[The Gun Of Bavaria] 8:40 pm: How nice will it be to not broadcast our intentions to the NFL.

[Sperm Edwards] 8:37 pm: What’s your opinion of Greg Lee & when will he likely get taken? From what I’ve read he’s got all the talent/skills in the world but was just foolish not to play one more year of college.
[R44] 8:39 pm: Feeling is Lee will be a 4th round pick, based on speed concerns and the fact that he dropped some balls in 2005…He’ll need a big Combine to climb into Day1, but it can happen…Right now, 4th round…
[bitonti] 8:41 pm: Greg Lee in round 4 very well could happen, but my feeling is he’s tremendous value wherever he’s taken. We are talking about a guy who can catch balls in traffic, over the middle and in the red zone, who doesn’t need guys like this? This might sound crazy but valuewise I like him better as a 4th round pick than some of the other guys who are projected as first round picks.
[bitonti] 8:41 pm: the key word there is “valuewise” meaning value returned for price paid.

[Smizzy] 8:42 pm: Bitonti, who will have the better pro career, Landale White or Raggie Bush?
[bitonti] 8:43 pm: Wow, Smizz dropping the heavy artillery    Â
[bitonti] 8:44 pm: The smart way to respond to that question is to be non-committal and talk circles around the topic. But the smart way is no fun…
[bitonti] 8:45 pm: White could be better out of the box because he’s more conventional. Whoever takes Reggie Bush will have to design an offense around him, much like how Mike Martz designed an offense around Marshall Faulk. It will take a match between genius level coordinator and Bush for this player to reach his full potential – which is HUGE. White is more of a toss left, dive right type of player. Easier to use earlier. But bottom line Bush should have the better pro career. Both should be very very good.

[The Gun Of Bavaria] 8:45 pm: As an alum of Eastern Michigan University, and recent Super Bowl results not withstanding, I have a special place in my heart for the MAC. What type of impact talent do you see coming out of the MAC this year? Both at QB and at other positions

[bitonti] 8:47 pm: R44, I am punting the mac question to you – although I am very impressed with Daryn Colledge out of Boise State. He’s slightly undersized but a great pass protector and teams always need that. Omar Jacobs out of Bowling Green is another great late first day early second day QB sleeper.
[R44] 8:48 pm: MAC has some decent QB’s Omar Jacobs and Bruce Gradkowski can sneak into the top 4 rounds…..Northern Illinios has some good offensive linemen….Miami of Ohio has several prospects — Darrell Hunter, Martin Nance, Terna Nande….Good talent out of the MAC, probably no real high picks….Eastern Michigan has the Bohnet brothers (QB and TE), but neither has big time talent…..WR Sam Hurd of NIU is a player that may surprise.

[Dr.Lecter] 8:48 pm: Bills fan here. What are the chances of the Jets taking Cutler or Williams, leaving Brick to fall to Buffalo? Please say there is one.
[bitonti] 8:49 pm: Lecter, to be honest I am not convinced Brick will be there at 4. Tennessee has even less at LT than the Jets do which is a sad state of affairs. He’s an elite player and the chance of him dropping to 8 from 4 is pretty much slim to none.
[bitonti] 8:49 pm: barring unforseen medical situation/extremely poor workouts
[R44] 8:50 pm: Tennessee is in real rough shape at offensive tackle….It’s a critical need and not much money to spend on free agents.

[CluJet] 8:50 pm: Hey guys.. about the TE class this year. At this point, which one is the most reasonable option for us at 35, and do you see us taking one that early? I would like to see a TE picked in the 2nd this year, because it looks like Jolley/Corey Lamkin won’t cut it.
[R44] 8:53 pm: Marcedes Lewis may be available at 35, that could be a player the Jets look at….The TE from Notre Dame, who is from the area, may make sense, if he goes that high.
[R44] 8:53 pm: Chance Leonard Pope is available at 35, if you listen to NFL scouts that bash his blocking skills.
[bitonti] 8:54 pm: Clu, realistically I see Klopfenstein going in the second but not quite that high. Dominque Byrd may be the best fit for that region. Fasano is good but again, a little high at 38. I see Pope, Davis and Lewis off the board by that point.
[bitonti] 8:54 pm: ps D Byrd had the best hands on the north squad, that includes the entire WR corp.
[CluJet] 8:55 pm: yeah, I like Byrd, if only he were a few inches taller.
[R44] 8:55 pm: Bryd was tore into by ESPN’s Craig James, who stopped short of saying he blocked like a girl and was a little “smallish”….Kiper loves Byrd, thinks round 1, maybe?

[Sperm Edwards] 8:53 pm: A major need for this team that can’t be addressed in the later rounds (barring a miracle like Jason Ferguson) is NT. We’re in a position, if we stay at #4, to get THE BEAST Haloti Ngata & still get an OUTSTANDING tackle either elsewhere in the first (if/when we trade JAbe) or with the #35 overall pick. But we can’t just pluck a monster like this from anywhere. Particularly if Brick is gone by #4 what’s your opinion of him there & what’s the highest/lowest he’ll go?
[bitonti] 8:55 pm: Ngata I love but don’t want to waste time discussing because I don’t know if it’s feasible capwise (Remember Mikey Tannenbaum is in charge)
[Sperm Edwards] 8:56 pm: So you won’t discuss any picks in the top-5?
[bitonti] 8:58 pm: We will discuss any player. Ngata is a warrior. 4.8 340 what’s not to like. Some would say workout warrior I disagree he’s just a warrior.
[bitonti] 8:58 pm: pronounced NA TA
[bitonti] 8:58 pm: the g is silent
[bitonti] 8:56 pm: great 3rd or later prospects: John McCargo DT NC State, Montavious Stanley DE Louisville. Also Dusty Devorcek is a legit 2 gap player with a high motor. He could sneak into the 2nd round on moxie alone.
[bitonti] 8:56 pm: correction Stanley is a DT
[bitonti] 8:57 pm: Watson is a real player but in my opinion shouldn’t escape the first round. If the Jets saw him slip and traded up that’s potentially a great move. He’s the truest “space eating” DT in the draft, bar none.

[tonysxl1200c] 8:59 pm: When the season ended everyone seemed to be pointing towards the offense for improvement. Now with Mangini, a defensive minded coach, at the helm, I hear rumors we may go defense 1st, especially if Abraham leaves or gets traded. Can Mangini/Tanenbaum really take a defensive player with our 1st pick?(Ngata/Hawk/Williams) Would getting a 1st for Abraham soften the blow so we would have two 1st rounders?
[bitonti] 9:00 pm: the defense is one or two players away the offense needs to be blown up, it’s definately possible they went defense, even before Terry was demoted.
[bitonti] 9:01 pm: Mangini knows teams can win with great defense, it’s his coaching pedigree.
[R44] 9:01 pm: Tony, Parcells desperately needed offense in the 2005 draft and went defense twice…these defensive coaches love their bluechippers on that side of the ball.

[GREENSMACKS] 9:01 pm: are you getting any read on who the jets liked at the Senior Bowl. How possible is it say the jets trade back to get number 7 overall and get a 2nd rounder and then draft cutler in the first with the 2 2’s get winston and addai…am i dreaming? Is Devin Hester a poor man’s Deion Sanders? Any teams inquire about Abe yet?
[bitonti] 9:04 pm: The former staff spent alot of attention on Cutler. I don’t know how many dinners this guy had in Mobile but at least 1 significant event with the Jets. Not having a medically viable signal caller is a tough thing for an NFL team to overcome. It’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight. So yeah out of all the Jets staff at the Senior Bowl the #1 was Cutler, #2 was Brick. Eric Winston got alot of attention, and he did have a better week than people are giving him credit for on the web.
[R44] 9:05 pm: Hester is a VERY poor man’s Sanders, considering he couldn’t start for Miami as a junior…..He’s a tall and said to be real fast, which makes him think he’s better than he played in 2005…..Miami wanted him back to play WR, but he stayed.
[bitonti] 9:06 pm: Trading down is tougher than people realize. there is no chip exchange for draft picks. There needs to be value for the position. If the Jets don’t believe Jay Cutler or Brick is worth that salary, how are they going to trade down?
[R44] 9:08 pm: Correction: Miami wanted him back to play WR, “HAD” he stayed.

[Fo_Block] 9:05 pm: 2 Q’s: i think a $20M bonus is way too much for a player w/zero experience (more than brady got). What is the drop off from D’brick to the 3rd, 4th, or 5th best OT’s in the draft? also, based on where they will likely go in the draft (price/performance) who do see as the highest value picks @ OT and NG?
[bitonti] 9:08 pm: There are at least 4 blue chip left tackles in the draft, Brick, McNeil, Justice and Winston. Red chippers are Scott, Whitworth, Colledge and Toledo. Some sleepers but those are the main names that are on my Jets tackles wish list.

[Maxman] 9:07 pm: First time caller. Hey, Mr. Bitonti, how was your Senior Bowl experience? Did you learn anything about the process these kids go through? What player impressed you the most?
[bitonti] 9:10 pm: It’s a grueling process to be an NFL player and putting it mildly I found the NFL working atmosphere more cut-throat than the average cubicle dwelling workday. It’s a man’s world out there and the competition is unbelievable. An hour and fifteen minutes in six sessions over three days is a tough football audition without room for error. Notice how all the juniors no one heard of are rising? That’s because guys like Belly and Saban weren’t watching them play football live – tough crowd.

[The Gun Of Bavaria] 9:11 pm: FOR R44 – Who looks to be the single most dangerous pass rushing threat coming out of college this year and where do you think he’ll go? With that in mind, do the Jets look to get one later in the draft after Ellis’ poor year or with a possible Abe departure in mind?
[R44] 9:13 pm: GOB, I think that player is North Carolina State junior DE Mario Williams….Kind of the “robo-football player’…….Perfect size, speed and agility….I think if the Jets lose Abe, he could go 4th overall….Nonetheless, I’d guess he goes 5 to 9th overall…..Had he stayed one more season in college, would’ve been the first non QB selected…..
[The Gun Of Bavaria] 9:14 pm: thanks Riggo – great info
[bitonti] 9:14 pm: RE: Passing rushing threat there are several candidates. Williams is consensus number one at the position but there is a ton of threat. Used in a 3-4 his teammate Manny Lawson could be nasty early in his career. 45 inch vertical leap and spinter’s speed at 6’5″ 245. Tamba Hali has a relentless motor and should get his share of NFL sacks, barring injury.
[R44] 9:15 pm: Matthias Kiwinuka is also a “prototype” DE, GOB, but word is he may slip out of the top 15, after a poor week in Mobile…..which ended with an injury.
[bitonti] 9:15 pm: Ryan LaCasse out of SYR is somewhat underrated, a very good rush end.
[The Gun Of Bavaria] 9:15 pm: How bad was the injury?
[R44] 9:17 pm: Yea, the kid from Syracuse is a “no-name”, but he’s got speed to burn…more of a 3-4 type….Not sure on Kiwi’s injury. Not real bad, but it could last a few weeks, which will harm his conditioning at the Combine and force him to only run at Pro Day.
[bitonti] 9:20 pm: Kiwi did have a good Monday prior to injury and beat Brick several times. A battle here and there but not the war. Another thing about Kiwi alot of his sacks this year came in bunches, against lesser competition. That’s not a good attribute for a top 15 pick to have.
[bitonti] 9:18 pm: RE: Kiwi’s injury he got pancaked by Brick several times, buried into the turf, at the risk of speculating, that could rough up someone’s shoulder.

[deadringer] 9:14 pm: Guys, what is the deal with Jeremy Bloom? Does he have a position outside of kick returner, and do people believe he can even be effective as one in the pros?
[bitonti] 9:17 pm: This is the week the nation meets Jeremy Bloom. I think he’s more than a KR, call it rich man’s Jermaine Lewis (former Raven/Texan). At Colorado there were taller players on the outside but other teams doubled the slot receiver, which was the playmaker Bloom. He’s dynamic and could be a perfect fit in the NYC market to replace Chrebet.
[R44] 9:18 pm: Word is the Skier runs a 4.35 40….blazing fast…..He thinks he’s a Santana Moss/Steve Smith type, but has never really been able to prove it…He’s an elite athlete, who just has played too little football.

[EthenicRobinson12] 9:18 pm: Deangelo Williams was on all the mocks early on,now all I see is Dbrick goin to the jets.After his Senior Bowl showing and talks of Cmart possbly leaving, I would love picking D williams. Probably another combine situation huh? I personally think alot of teams are overlooking this guy beacause of his lack of size. But he’s got all the tools.
[R44] 9:21 pm: Williams was great in Mobile….beyond great….Elite athlete. Size does hurt a little, although most quality NFL RB’s are 5′ 11′ or less these days…I think playing in Conference USA hurt his perception too….Regard less where he goes, should be an elite athlete.
[bitonti] 9:21 pm: Deangelo Williams will go lower than Reggie Bush but he’s less of a risk than Bush.
[EthenicRobinson12] 9:22 pm: In the long run I think Williams will have a better career. He reminds me of Cadillac from last year.
[R44] 9:25 pm: Williams is tremendous ER and like Jerious Norwood, a lesser talent 9 but also good), he loves
playing….Legend is Norwood’s teammates used to sleep after high school games, while he’d go and play pick up ball — touch or tackle….De Angelo is similar….teams will love his attitude….Would play for free….
[Sperm Edwards] 9:21 pm: First of all – you guys absolutely rock for doing this. Thank you. Bit, since you are the country’s foremost expert on D-Rob, can he play DE in a 3-4 if he drops down to 300-lbs-even (give-or-take)? Or does he just have singular skills as a 3-technique/1-gap DT that would be totally wasted (or even a liability) as a 3-4 DE?
[R44] 9:22 pm: Thank you SE, I think we all should feel good about this — just a get together among friends.
[bitonti] 9:24 pm: Drob has played 3-4 in certain looks of Hendu’s defense and despite what some pats posters might say, he does pretty well. It’s not the best use of his talents but he’s more than capable. He can’t work like he could over the center and guard gap but he can do whatever he wants to do on the field. The question with Drob are natural but I stand by the statement he’s not the reason they lost all those games, not even close. Keep a defense on the field that long, even the best players look shabby.
[Smizzy] 9:23 pm:  What do you think about OT’s Ryan O’Callaghan from Cal & Daryn Colledge from boise state ?
[bitonti] 9:26 pm: Smizz, I’m not big on Ryan Callahan he’s like Fabini – RT that “can” play left but will also suffer breakdowns in protection. Daryn Colledge could be a quality starter but his upside is limited due to height and reach. A very smart, balanced lineman who grades out very well but isn’t the best in run blocking and can get overwhelmed against high caliber DL.

[R44] 9:23 pm: Hey, Barton is here…..Kiper is projecting your boy from Minnesota (OC) as a Day 2 pick.      Â

[The Gun Of Bavaria] 9:27 pm: Well ladies and gentlemen, that will just about wrap it up for this evening’s event. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself, had your questions answered and had some fun along the way, I know I have. A very large thank you to Draftdaddy.com’s Bitonti and R44, for taking the time to answer our questions and provide insight as we close in on Draft Day. Please mark your calendars for the week prior to the NFL Draft, when Bitonti and R44 will join JetNation once again and answer any final questions. Thanks!

[Sperm Edwards] 9:27 pm: thanks again, guys
[deadringer] 9:27 pm: thanks a bundle guys
[Smizzy] 9:27 pm: Thanks R44 & bitonti. Awesome chat and it was a pleasure to have you guys. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us tonight and answer our questions.
[Jethead] 9:27 pm: thanks guys
[Gang Green Girl] 9:27 pm: Great turnout. Thanks so much, guys! Great answers!
[Maxman] 9:28 pm: Thanks guys!!! Much appreciated. Awesome job.
[bitonti] 9:28 pm: It was our pleasure Maxie you have always been good to us here at JN.

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