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Rich Cimini Chat – 03/15/06

[JetNation NFL Talk]: RichCimini has entered at 8:08 pm
[Maxman] 8:09 pm: R44 is going to start us off. We appreciate your time Rich.
[RichCimini] 8:09 pm: My pleasure. Fire away, guys
[Maxman] 8:09 pm: The floor is yours R44….

[R44] 8:10 pm: Rich, thank you. First question has to be what is going go down with the QB position….Free agent, trade, draft pick?
[RichCimini] 8:11 pm: I believe they’re going to trade for Ramsey. They love Schaub, love him, but that’s not going to happen. They still could draft a QB, too, but I’m not 100% convinced of that.
[R44] 8:11 pm: Rich, any inpending news on the free agent front? Is Brad Kassell coming to gotham, how about Brad Hopkins or Tim Dwight, or any other player?
[RichCimini] 8:13 pm: I’m hearing that Hopkins wants to go back to Tenn, if possible. Haven’t heard anything on Kassel, but he fits the Mangini mold. They like Chatman, the PR, but he’s visiting other teams. Doesn’t look like Ashworth is coming.
[JonEJet] 8:13 pm: Rich…Thanks for being here yet again…..This Kevin Mawae soap opera is just too much….there is alot more dirt than has been reported……WHy did the Jets really cut ties, was he the EggMan?
[RichCimini] 8:13 pm: The Egg man?
[JonEJet] 8:14 pm: Called Pennington…”he’s like an egg back there”
[RichCimini] 8:16 pm: Oh, that egg man. I’m 99.9% certain he’s not the egg man. I have a suspicion on who it is, but I’m not going to share that. Mawae was cut because of age, injury and, I’m told, that he was a little too chatty for Mangini’s liking. By chatty, I don’t mean anonymous quotes, just day-to-day chattiness in the locker room.

[aec4] 8:16 pm: Rich, thanks for coming. Do you have the details of the Chatham contract? Bases for 06-08? SB? The Kimo VO contract? I know he got 3.2M signing bonus, but do you have the base 06-08 breakdowns?
[RichCimini] 8:18 pm: Don’t have the particulars on Chatham’s contract; it hasn’t been filed yet. I can’t imagine it being more than $1.5 M per year. I was surprised by Kimo’s bonus – rather hefty for a 35 yo guy.

[Cyberjet] 8:16 pm: Is Brooks Bolinger out of favor with the Jets or is that just pure speculation? Don’t see the Jets trading up for a QB – not Mangini’s style – they don’t like giving up draft picks and don’t get caught up in a ‘must have’ pick?
[RichCimini] 8:17 pm: Abraham will be traded in the next week. Ramsey will come aboard, possibly Cutler, too. I’m not buying into this Leinart stuff. As for Young, I think they’re afraid of him.

[RichCimini] 8:19 pm: Bollinger isn’t out of favor, they just see him as a No. 2/3 QB who has only 8 career starts. Don’t be surprised if he’s traded draft day — if they pick a QB in Round 1.
[RichCimini] 8:28 pm: they could get a 6 or 7 for Bollinger. Possible destinations: Den, TB
[R44] 8:29 pm: Probably the cheap Bengals or the Patriots

[scott dierking II] 8:19 pm: Rich, I’ve read that Josh McCown isn’t interested in the Jets right now, for he’s more interested in a situation where he can be the starter right away. Aside from maybe the Raiders, where would that situation be?
[RichCimini] 8:20 pm: McCown is looking at Minn, Det and Cincy. The Jets called him yesterday, but they were told, too little, too late.

[Caster] 8:20 pm: do you really see them picking Cutler, what do they like about him?
[RichCimini] 8:21 pm: Cutler is a strong-armed guy, good intangbles, decent mobility. I don’t think they’ll trade up for him or anybody else for that matter, but he’s an option.
[R44] 8:23 pm: Cutler is quite athlete, Rich is correct.

[madmike1] 8:21 pm: Rich, Robertson seems to be the odd man out with this 3-4 D will they trade him and if so can they get anything for him?
[RichCimini] 8:22 pm: They would take a pretty big cap hit by trading DRob. I think they’ll hold on to him for a year, see if he develops any further.

[Barton] 8:24 pm: Thanks for giving us your time Rich. My question to you is, how do the Jets plan on replacing Kevin Mawae? Please tell me Kendall wont play center ever again. Do the Jets replace Mawae with a high draft pick like Nick Mangold or Greg Eslinger?
[R44] 8:25 pm: Good question EB….good luck getting Mangold in round 2.
[RichCimini] 8:25 pm: This may surprise you, but I hear they’re very high on Norm Katnick, kid they took from the Niners practice squad last year. They were trying to get him on the field last season, but couldn’t.
[R44] 8:26 pm: Wow, thanks for the info on Katnik.

[MiamiJet] 8:25 pm: Hello Rich. You mentioned earlier that the Jets will not acquire Schaub. Why not?
[RichCimini] 8:26 pm: Atlanta doesn’t want to risk it, being that Vick isn’t exactly Brett Favre when it comes to durability.
[MiamiJet] 8:26 pm: Even though they stand to lose him next season? Thank you.

[AirForceJetFan] 8:27 pm: Rich, what’s John Abe thinking at this point with teams backing away due to his price tag? Also, you mentined a Bollinger trade possiblity..what’s the most you think the Jets could get for him?
[RichCimini] 8:28 pm: I think Denver might be backing away, but Atl and Sea are very interested. There’s a surprise entry into the mix, too, but I can’t say it now
[RichCimini] 8:29 pm: he’d be the third best pass rusher on the Giants.

[Sperm Edwards] 8:29 pm: Did we make a serious offer/attempt at Ma’ake & what are we planning on doing at NT since it’s “kind of” important for 3-4 packages.
[RichCimini] 8:29 pm: good question, sperm. No, they didn’t.
[RichCimini] 8:30 pm: sorry…they didn’t make an offer to Ma’ake. Don’t forget, Kimo can play some nose. I guess they’ll try D-Rob, but I can tell you he won’t be thrilled with that.
[R44] 8:30 pm: Carolina made a nice pick up there and thye play 4-3

[ThunderbirdJet] 8:30 pm: With the info that has been leaking out, and made obvious by some of the player moves, some adaptation of the 3-4 seems imminent. Who do you see as being the NT, in what seems like it will be a hybrid 3-4, 4-3? BT as a situational OLB, DRob as NT, where is Pouha? Could Kimo play NT?
[RichCimini] 8:31 pm: Contrary to some speculation, they weren’t even that interested in Teddy Wash.
[R44] 8:31 pm: Kimo seems like a 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE…WE’LL SEE
[RichCimini] 8:32 pm: Can’t see BT at LB; too stiff in the hips. I think they’ll use both, 4-3 and 3-4, just like the Pats.  Kimo played NT for 1 season in Pitt. Pouha? Forget about him. He’s terrible.
[R44] 8:33 pm: Pouha is an older prospect too…already like 27 going into season 2
[ThunderbirdJet] 8:33 pm: so… who is the NT?
[RichCimini] 8:33 pm: plays like he’s 47
[RichCimini] 8:34 pm: I don’t know who the NT is. By committee, I suppose.
[R44] 8:34 pm: Yea, he is typical of the mormon schools — older players dominating kids at the mid major level, then struggling versus men.

[The Troll] 8:34 pm: If the Jets are staring at Jay Cutler, Mario Williams, and D’Brickashaw Ferguson when their pick rolls around, who’s wearing green and white next season?
[RichCimini] 8:35 pm: Tough question to answer 6 weeks before the draft. If I had to bet now, I’d say D’Brick, but that could change, depending on what happens in FA.
[R44] 8:36 pm: Free agency changes a lot — look at the Brees deal.

[RichCimini] 8:37 pm: Brees could be gone in a year, but I still think they’ll pass on Leinart
[R44] 8:38 pm: I think Tennessee will pick Leinart — Chow thing…..That’s what a national “draft guru” told us at

[Verde] 8:35 pm: Hi Rich! How frustrating is the new coaching regime, in terms of getting information from them, for (you) the media. We all know that Herm & Co. weren’t exactly tight lipped. lol!
[RichCimini] 8:36 pm: Kind of reminds me of the Parcells years. But, in some ways, I like it. Makes you work harder, dig deeper. The hardest-working reporters are the ones who get rewarded.
[Verde] 8:37 pm: Thank you, hun. We know you work hard!

[JETSFAN5180] 8:37 pm: Rich thank you defensively speaking we all know mangini is a defensive guru if we cant get rid of Abe and we seem commited to the 3-4 and we get a qb elsewhere do you see us moving Abe to olb or drafting AJ Hawk at 4?
[RichCimini] 8:38 pm: Hawk, from what I’m told, is more of an inside guy in a 3-4. It would be a waste to pick an ILB that high. If Mangini can’t make the 3-4 work, I think he’ll be flexible enough to stay 4-3

[R44] 8:39 pm: Hawk is short–Carpenter is the 3-4 OLB

[NYJ 2651] 8:39 pm: Hey Rich, thanks for taking questions. I’ve been starved for information on what we are going to get out of Abraham. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being no chance and 10 being good chance), what are the chances that we can possibly get a trade going with the Lions for the 9th pick? 
[RichCimini] 8:39 pm: Zero. They’re not in the hunt, from what I hear.

[Cyberjet] 8:39 pm: Were you the reporter that visited with Pennington? There was a report that he felt blindsided by you – was that true? How does Pennington sit with his teammates?
[RichCimini] 8:41 pm: Yes, I visited Chad. I showed up unannounced, which didn’t please him. But I told him I was just doing my job and he invited me to sit down for some breakfast. Talked for 30 mins. Very friendly. Then I flew home and he blindsided ME by calling the Jets and arranging a conference call with the other beat writers. Needless to say, i was not pleased.

[billo83] 8:41 pm: Hi Rich – don’t know if this was asked before – but what is your take on the Abe to Falcons rumors.?
[R44] 8:42 pm: Rich has said the Atlanta rumors have merit…
[RichCimini] 8:42 pm: The Falcs love Abe and they’re willing to pay. but unless the deal include their No. 1 or Schaub, I don’t see it happening.

[Browningnagle] 8:42 pm: Was it a “Privilege” to interview Chad? kidding! If the Jets can’t get a 1st or comparable deal for Abe, why not keep him? Also how about a RB in the draft early?
[RichCimini] 8:44 pm: Ive talked to coaches around the league who ask me, why are they trading Abe? And I can’t give them a good answer. I don’t understand why you’d give up on a terrific pass rusher. Basically, they’re going to have to find an Abraham-like player to replace Abraham.

[chefjetE] 8:44 pm: What is the plan for OT? Is Chad making any progress?
[RichCimini] 8:45 pm: they’ll try to sign a stop-gap OT. Don’t think they’re in love with Adrian Jones. Haven’t heard any recent reports on Chad, but his arm was certainly strong enough to clothesline me.
[RichCimini] 8:45 pm: that’s a joke

[RichCimini] 8:45 pm: couple of more ?s and I have to run

[Ikeyman3] 8:46 pm: Rich, do you see the Jets drafting a running back on the 1st day in the draft? Are the Jets interested in LenDale White? Word is Curtis loves him and Pennington speaks to him while they train toegether, mentioning maybe they take LenDale at 4…? Any truth to the Jets being fascinated with LenDale White?
[RichCimini] 8:46 pm: Im sure they’d love to have him, but unless they get another No. 1, it ain’t happening.

[R44] 8:46 pm: Good question Ikey, what the deal with Cedric Houston?
[RichCimini] 8:47 pm: Houston is a good backup, powerful, not too shifty, a fumbling issue.
[R44] 8:47 pm: Jets could also seek a back in round 2 or 3, good RB draft.

[Kappy77] 8:47 pm: Rich, Who do you think will be the biggest name free agent signed by the Jets this year? Do you think there will be any surprises?
[RichCimini] 8:48 pm: I wish I could think of a sexy free agent, but I’d have to pore over my list.
[Ikeyman3] 8:48 pm: Najeh Davenport?
[RichCimini] 8:49 pm: haven’t heard his name mentioned

[Maxman] 8:50 pm: Rich is taking three more questions. Thanks Guys.

[R44] 8:51 pm: You mentioned Chatam’s salary…is he expected to start or compete for that spot…Any news on the Giants Nick Greisen getting a free agent look here…he’s a good player.
[R44] 8:51 pm: That’s Matt Chatham
[RichCimini] 8:52 pm: I think Chatham will get a chance to start and his deal includes escalators that will kick in if he starts. Watch this Kassel guy; I hear they like him a lot.
[R44] 8:53 pm: Thank you….I think highly of Brad too….Tennessee moved a lot of salaries to keep him in 2005 when Detroit signed him…

[mgastineau99] 8:51 pm: Is T.O. a fit in New York?
[RichCimini] 8:52 pm: TO to the Jets? You’ve got a better chance of seeing Woody leading cheers on the bench.

[Maxman] 8:52 pm: Alright Jonejet last question of the night. Rich has to run.

[JonEJet] 8:53 pm: Rich…Thanks again…….It would seem as if this team is in full blown rebuild-mode….then they go out and sign a geezer like Von OldGuy……Do these guys have a plan….or does it stilll feel as if Bradway is in charge….what’s up with Bradway?
[RichCimini] 8:54 pm: Von Old guy is a classic hold-the-fort player. With his salary, it’s more like Fort Knox, but he’s a high character guy and Mangini is obsessed with that.

[RichCimini] 8:54 pm: Anyway, gotta go. Ive said it before: You guys are the best Jets fans out there.

[R44] 8:54 pm: Thank you Rich

[Maxman] 8:55 pm: Rich thank you for your time. We appreciate you stopping by and answering our questions!


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