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2006 JetNation All MLB Team

By Nick Ferraro 

Catcher: Joe Mauer – Minnesota Twins
Mauer leads the world with a .392 average.  He is a big part of the Twins recovery from an early season disaster.
Honorable Mention – Ramon Hernandez, Orioles
First Base: Albert Pujols – St. Louis Cardinals
Pujols is still among the leading first basemen in HR and RBIs despite missing time due to injury.
Honorable Mention – Ryan Howard, Phillies
Second Base: Chase Utley – Philadelphia Phillies
Utley’s performance is one of few highlights for the Phillies thus far.
Honorable Mention – Dan Uggla, Marlins
Shortstop: Miguel Tejada – Baltimore Orioles
Tejada’s power sets him apart from a strong group at short.
Honorable Mention – Derek Jeter, Yankees

Third Base: David Wright – New York Mets
Wright is a big reason the race in the NL East is already over
Honorable Mention – Joe Crede, White Sox
Vernon Wells – Toronto Blue Jays,
Wells has the Jays in the race in the AL East.
Carlos Beltran – New York Mets
Beltran is now the player the Mets expected when the signed him.
Matt Holliday – Colorado Rockies
The best player you never heard of, Holliday is hitting .348 and gets it done at Coors and on the road.

Honorable Mention

Carlos Lee – Brewers
Raul Ibanez – Mariners
Manny Ramirez – Red Sox
Designated Hitter: David Ortiz – Boston Red Sox
Ortiz is redefining the word clutch.
Honorable Mention – Jim Thome, White Sox
Starting Pitcher: Francisco Liriano – Minnesota Twins
Liriano is now 9-1 with a 1.99 ERA and 94 strikeouts.
Honorable Mention – Roy Halladay, Blue Jays
Relief Pitcher: Jonathan Papelbon – Boston Red Sox
Papelbon is lights out for the Sox with a microscopic 0.43 ERA and 25 saves.
Honorable Mention – B.J. Ryan, Blue Jays

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