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What Kind Of Fan Are You?

By Frank Barone
The question always seems to be asked, how loyal of a Jets fan are you?  Will you continue to go to games in November and December at the Meadowlands in freezing temperatures? Does a team with a losing record dampen your enthusiasm and support for your hometown team?

The answer I give is simple.  If the Jets are home, I am there.  I know many other Jet fans that have that same answer and mindset.  Many people have been supporting this team and going to home games way back to Shea Stadium and the memories of Joe Namath slinging the ball across that dusty field with chewed up grass.
I have gone on road trips to watch the Jets play. I have planned a trip to Cleveland again this year in the end of October. You would think planning a vacation to Hawaii would be more appropriate to any normal sane human being.

Maybe it is because I can relate to the Cleveland Brown fans. The Browns went 6 and 10 last year, their third straight losing season yet Browns Stadium has been sold out for every game. They have won only 36 out of 112 games since 1999 and yet their fans have stayed loyal even though their team has been losing and the weather can be bone chilling at Browns Stadium in the winter months.

Call me what you will but like the many Jet fans here at JetNation, we are there for them regardless of their record.  The coaches, players and owners may change but the fans remain the same.   How about throwing in a couple of wins Eric, for the loyal New York Jet fans!

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