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Brian Leonard And The New York Jets: Perfect Together

By Frank Barone How would you describe the ideal Eric Mangini player? Some of the character traits would be intelligence, strong work ethic, unselfishness and he would be team oriented, besides the athletic talent. You look at those traits and you see Brian Leonard, the Rutgers running back. Why did Brian Leonard come back for… Read more


By Frank Barone   At the start of the 2006 New York Jet season head coach Eric Mangini was in an envious position.  If the Jets lost, most people were expecting it.  The team was coming off a four and twelve season and considered to be rebuilding in the eyes of the media.  There was… Read more

What Kind Of Fan Are You?

By Frank Barone   The question always seems to be asked, how loyal of a Jets fan are you?  Will you continue to go to games in November and December at the Meadowlands in freezing temperatures? Does a team with a losing record dampen your enthusiasm and support for your hometown team? The answer I… Read more

Jets Training Camp – Questions

By Frank Barone   Is Eric Mangini ready for his first head coaching job? Eric was the Patriots’ defensive coordinator last season, but that was his first year actually running a defense. It is a lot different trying to put all facets of a team together and dealing with the multiple decisions and different personalities… Read more

Eric Mangini: A New Coach and Beginning

The Eric Mangini era is officially here. So lets take a brief look at his past and look to the future and what it might bring to us Jet fans.   Herman Edwards was 39 and 41 in his five seasons as H.C. of the N.Y.J., a forgettable .487 winning percentage. There is certainly room for… Read more

The NFL Combine-How Important is it?

By Frank Barone Just like many fans I am an avid follower of college football, the New York Jets and professional football. The NFL combine is an opportunity to get a more detailed look at certain college players that we have watched or heard about and see how they grade out in the physical and… Read more

The NFL Draft and the New York Jets

By JetNation Columnist Frank Baron The resolution of John Abraham’s situation will impact the Jets entire draft and it’s philosophy. If he is franchised and traded there could be a higher probability that the Jets will go with a defensive player with the 4th pick in the draft. This would also influence their positional needs… Read more

I am a Sports Fan and a Hypocrite

by Frank Barone Why do we, as New York Jet fans, wish for Eric Mangini of the hated New England Patriots to be our next head coach and savior? Yet the real possibility that Eric Mangini would remain with the New England Patriots would make us despise him and Bill Belicheck for devising defensive strategies… Read more

Coaching Changes

By Frank Barone Jetnation Columnist I have to state right away that Herm Edwards is not on my list. I am not taking this position based on my own wishes or the masses of Jet fans who want him out. I am only going by all indications that have been given by the media that… Read more

Mid Season Awards – NFC

By Frank Barone Jetnation Columnist NFC Coach of the Year Tom Coughlin – Giants The Giants are 6 – 2 and are tied for best record in the entire NFC. They have already matched their win total for all of last year. Eli Manning and the offense have led the turnaround. NFC MVP Shaun Alexander… Read more

The Race To Number One

By Frank Barone Columnist Here are the top contenders: San Francisco 49ers At QB they are committed to Alex Smith. Prior to last week’s game against Tampa Bay they had the 31st rated offense and 32nd ranked defense. So it seems there are many positions to be filled. USC running back Reggie Bush would… Read more

Is The Pats Championship Run Over?

by Frank Barone JetNation columnist The Patriots start the 2005 season with more questions than at any other time under the Belichick regime. One of these questions are coaching concerns and some are personnel, but are any of these concerns really enough to to stop the Patriots from getting back to the Super Bowl this… Read more

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