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Coaching Changes

By Frank Barone
Jetnation Columnist

I have to state right away that Herm Edwards is not on my list. I am not taking this position based on my own wishes or the masses of Jet fans who want him out. I am only going by all indications that have been given by the media that his job is safe, no matter how bad a record, given the amount of injuries on the Jets.

Mike Tice of the Minnesota Vikings

He is working in the last year of his contract. The Vikings’ new owner, Zygi Wilf, didn’t hire Tice. There will be a thorough housecleaning for the underachieving and naughty Vikings. It is hard to see Mike Tice surviving this.

Dom Capers of the Houston Texans

There were some football prognosticators thinking the Texans would have their first winning season in the fourth year of the franchise, and some even thought a wild card was a possibility. The Texans are in line for the worst record in the league and the continued non-progress of David Carr seem to pave the exit door for Capers.

Jim Haslett of the New Orleans Saints

He has survived the last two seasons, but who can predict what owner Tom Benson will do? Benson has had a case of foot-in-mouth disease himself, so he has his own problems. It has been a nightmare season for everybody in the Saints’ organization, but this club has been underachieving for the last three years. Benson has a scapegoat in Haslett to take some of the heat off of himself.

Mike Sherman of the Green Bay Packers

The Packers have been devastated by injuries this year. Still not many expected them to do this badly. The Brett Favre era is coming to a conclusion, and they seem to need a fresh start with a new head coach for their rapid fan base.

Norv Turner of the Oakland Raiders

The Raiders made many moves in the off-season and better things were expected with their record. The offense is better but the defense is still subpar. Another losing season and Al Davis may lose his patience with Norv Turner.

Brian Billick of the Baltimore Ravens

How many years can he live off a surprise Super Bowl championship five seasons ago thanks to that monster defense.

Dick Vermeil of the Kansas City Chiefs

He has been hinting at retirement all year. The worst thing, in my opinion, to do is to indicate yourself as a lame duck coach. The players have no real reason to play hard knowing he will not be around in subsequent years. For the KC Chiefs organization’s sake, I see him getting out.

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