Frank Barone

What Makes A Great QB

By Frank BaroneThe Quarterback Type you want to have to win a NFL championshipWhen you start talking about the great quarterbacks, I think of Unitas, Marino, Montana, Staubach, Namath, etc. There is one thing that some people overlook when looking at the quarterback position, but I feel is one of the most important factors when… Read more

The Meadowlands: Home of the Braves?

by Frank Barone JetNation Senior Columnist The Atlanta Braves- are they a successful franchise for the Jets to emulate or an example of what the Jets need to avoid? The Atlanta Braves last season proved many experts (and myself) wrong by overcoming injuries and offseason player losses to win their 13th consecutive division title. The… Read more

Frank's NFL Draft Thoughts and Strategies

by Frank Barone Senior Columnist For any NFL team, a successful draft starts with a good scouting department that is making the evaluations of players. However, you also need a coaching staff that believes in your personnel department so they give these young players a chance to play. A team that does not have the… Read more

Major League Baseball Returns to Washington – Will It Succeed This Time?

by Frank Barone Senior Columnist Baseball returned April 14th to the Nation’s capital for the first time since 1971. The Washington Nationals will play the next three years in RFK stadium, helped by a $10 million-dollar facelift, then move to a brand new stadium in 2008. Whether the franchise can survive this time in Washington… Read more

Mets Preview for 2005 Season: Big Questions, Big Answers?

by Frank Barone Senior Columnist After an exciting and active off-season that included signing the two biggest free agents out on the market, the optimism is back for most Met fans. How excited should we be? That really depends on the answers to these question marks on this 2005 Mets team: How will the free… Read more

Curtis Martin–One Too Many?

by Frank Barone JetNation Columnist In my evaluation of the coming Jets season and our prospects for winning a title, I reluctantly find myself questioning how Curtis Martin fits in. I am forced to ask myself the question, Has the Jet organization gone one year too many in counting on him to be the feature… Read more

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