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Fantasy Baseball — Waivers \ Who's Hot

By Mike Dietrich 

Welcome back to our weekly fantasy baseball article.  In this space each week we will offer some players that are probably unavailable in your league and could be useful going forward as well as who is hot/not.   Here are my favorite pickups for the week;

Joakim Soria KC– He is the closer with Dotel out and should be a great source for Wins and Whip for the rest of the year.

Henry Owens Fla-He is now the closer of choice in Fla.  Julio has been demoted and has never really been all that good anyhow.

Micah Ownings Arz -He put together a 2nd great start.  He was also a 1st round pick last year he could surprise everyone in the NL this year.

Kaz Matsui Col-He is putting up AVG and steals again this year after ending last year on a high note in Sept (.349  10 SB’s)

Jason Tyner Min– He will play the OF with the Rondell White injury and could be a great source of steals.

Geoff Jenkins Mil-He is off to a great start (.400 3-8) and could put up a career year now that the pressure of hitting lefties has been given to Kevin Mench.

Nelson Cruz Tex– He will start playing everyday in the OF for Sosa.  In Texas I can see 25 Hr’s based on his minor league stats.

Andre Either LAD-He will now play every day with the Matt Kemp injury and in the same role last year, he was quite effective.

Ramon Ortiz Min– This may be a mirage or a great work ny Rick Anderson the Twins pitching coach (2-0 1.80)

Who’s Hot

Arod .350 6-15-Looks like having the ability to get out of NY is motivating him.
M Cabrera .430 3-11-He was well worth your 1st round pick and best 3B in baseball
Vlad .366 3-10- It looks like he is on a contract extension mission.
Jose Reyes .300 1-9-3- He probably wishes he had David Wright’s agent since he got less than him on that extension last year..oops
Johan Santana– 2-0 15K’s 2.76 -Another guy a bit motivated by a huge contract next year.
Ted Lilly-1-0 14K’s 2.76 -Sell, Sell, Sell

Who’s Not

Pujols  .166 0-2 – I would dump and see what you can get, he was a flash in the pan.
Soriano .200 0-1- Is he too busy counting all that money?
A Jones .153 1-2 -He is playing for a FA contract and the big money and not so well so far.
John Patterson 0-2 9.30-The Nationals #1 starter is playing like his team.
Solomon Torres– He has blown saves the last 2 outings, watch for Matt Capps
Sammy Sosa-It looks like playing at 160 pounds does not agree with the former slugger.

On the injury front keep an eye on Jason Schmidt who is already having injury trouble.  He may be missing his next start.  Thank you for reading and we will be back next week with more waiver pickups and injury information.

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