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Fantasy Baseball – Who's Hot?

By Mike Dietrich
Welcome back to our weekly fantasy baseball article on  All statistics are taken from the last 2 weeks of play.  Here are my favorite pickups for the week;

Jose Guillen 2-12 .365 – He is a known streak hitter and when healthy he has produced big power number in both leagues.
Troy Tutowlski 2-11 .339 – The SS for Colorado is finally living up to the preseason hype and should be grabbed in all leagues.
Ryan Doumit 2-5 .472 – He could be eligible in your league at catcher and with Ronnie Paulino struggling as well as the Xavier Nady injury he is playing almost every day.
Benji Molina 2-10 .360 – He is quietly putting up solid numbers for a catcher and would be a great replacement for the Piazza owners out there.
Alex Gonzales 5-11 .270 – He looks like he is back to being a 20 home run shortstop and in Cincinnati that is a great bet.
Matt Belisle 1-1 17K’s 2.45 – The 5th starter has pitched well all year and looks to be a solid bet for 12 plus wins.
Chad Gaudin 1-1 14K’s 3.17 – Billy Beane would not trade him and now everyone is seeing why.  He has been very consistent and in that park should remain that way.
Claudio Vargas 2-0 13K’s .052 – He has shown flashed before but pitching for the National League’s best team has restarted his career.
Rafael Soriano 4 saves 0.00 – He is the better bet for saves in the Atlanta Braves bullpen.  How did the Mariners let him go for Horacio Ramirez?
Fred Lewis 4 Hrs and 7 SB’s in AAA – He should be playing everyday for the injured Dave Roberts.
Roger Clemens – Not sure if you heard that this future Hall of Famer will be pitching in Yankee stadium by the end of the month.

Who’s Hot
Adam Dunn 7-15 .312 – I do not know of a league that count strikeouts, so you are safe.
Prince Fielder 5-15 .333 – He is not the size of his Dad as of yet but is getting there.
JJ Hardy 3-13 .415 – He has to slow down.  The Brewers have to slow down.  Don’t they?
Mark Texiera 4-12 .384 – This is why some of us drafted him early.  About time.
Shane Victorino 8 Sb’s .300 – He maybe the best OF in Philly right now.
Dan Haren 23 K’s 2.65 – Now we know why Omar Minaya was trying to get this guy.
Jamie Shields 2-0 21K’s 1.48 – He is a TB pitcher but a very good one.
John Smoltz 3-0 21 K’s 1.71 – Leading the way for best pitchers over 40.
Brad Penny 2-0 18K’s 0.00 – Trade him before he gets hurt or goes into the tank as usual.

Who’s Not
Vernon Wells 0-1 .200 – Hope he is enjoying that huge deal.
Dan Uggla .183 – Sophomore slump strikes again.
Robinson Cano 0-7 .152 – I guess Yankee fans will have to wait to induct him into the HOF.
A.J. Burnett 0-2 7.10 – Do the Blue Jay do anything right?
Armando Benitez 0-1 6.75 – The Giants deserve whatever they get having him as the closer.
Dontrelle Willis 0-1 5.60 – Those Mets rumors have seemed to die down.

On the injury front; BJ Ryan is out for the year but who knows who the closer is since they cannot win a game.  Roy Halladay is out for 4-6 weeks as well for the Blue Jays.  Dave Roberts is also out for 4-6 weeks.  Henry Owens is on the DL so it could be back to Jorge Julio time.

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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