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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Pickups

Welcome back to our weekly fantasy baseball article.  All statistics are taken from the last two weeks of play.  Here are my favorite pickups for the week:

Hideki Okajima 0.00 – He has been dominating and there are whispers about Papelbon’s health, he could be a top 5 closer if given the chance.
Damien Easley .400 5 Hrs – He has produced and if you need to fill a middle spot for 2 weeks he is your guy.
Andrew Miller – The 6th pick of the draft last year is up and has the stuff to be successful.
Jon Rauch 3Svs – He has been great as the closer in the last week and I can see a Cordero trade coming up as the Nationals need offensive prospects.
Kiki Calero – Duchscherer should be the choice but with his arthritic hip this job could fall to Calero.
Justin Germano 1-0 0.69 – He will now have a spot every turn and will be successfull in Petco Park.
Mark Reynolds .333 – He will play everyday for Chad Tracy and hit 23 Hr’s in 270 AB’s last year in the minors.
Carlos Gomez .417 – He will play almost every day for the next couple of weeks and if you need SB’s this is the guy to get.
Chad Billingsley 12K’s 0.00- He is about to go into the Dodger rotation.  This could finally be the time he breaks out.

Who’s Hot
Al Reyes/Jose Valverde – Basically the same guys and the real reason you do not draft for saves early.
Jack Cust .270 7-15 – Ride the Cust wave as long as you can.  He will play LF everyday over the next few weeks.
Reggie Willits .333 5 SB’s – He is a machince he can hit and run.
Carlos Lee .420-4-14 – Despite what you read on size does matter.  He can hit as well.
Hunter Pence .383. 4-13 – This spring training sensation is doing it for real now.
Tim Linecum 21K’s – Living up to the hype in Barry’s shadow.  And Barry’s head does cast a rather large shadow.
Jorge Sosa 3-0 2.25 - Rick Peterson works his magic once again.
Fausto Carmona 3-0 1.17-No hype but all production.
Cole Hamels 3-0 27K’s – I can’t imagine what he would do in a pitchers park.  He is the real deal.

Who’s Not
Chone Figgins .116 – Further proof that hitting with broken fingers is never a good thing.
Jimmy Rollins .200 0-5 – I wonder if the Mets are still worried.
Pudge Rodriquez .190 – This was due to happen.  He isn’t the same player that he used to be.  Playing at 130 pounds has impacted his game.  He is done.
Albert Pujols .160 – If there ever was a buy low time, here it is.
Barry Bonds .160 2-2 – How does that head stay on that body?
Adam Wainright 6.75 – It was long ago it is far away (last October).
Ervin Santana 5.58 – Another sophomore slump.
Mike Mussina 5.60 – There are kids in high school who throw harder than him.

On the injury front; BJ Ryan is out for the year but who knows who the closer is since they cannot win a game.  Roy Halladay is out for 4-6 weeks as well for the Blue Jays.  Dave Roberts is also out for 4-6 weeks. 

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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