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Falcons At Jets: Friday 8/10 at 7pm

The Jets take on the Atlanta Falcons at the Meadowlands tonight, Friday 08/10/07 at 7pm (CBS).  It is the start of the preseason so the numer one goal is to stay healthy.  The outcome of the game isn’t important.

For the Falcons the biggest question mark is at QB.  Michael Vick’s status is still up in the air.  They are counting on Joey Harrington to get the job for them and learn coach.  Head coach Bobby Petrino makes his debut after leaving Louisville.

It is still early in camp but for the Jets here are some things worth watching:

1.  Left Guard – Can the Jets survive without Pete Kendall.  Kendall is still on the roster but hasn’t gotten as many reps as he would like. Adrien Clarke can hurt Pete’s contract negotiations with a good game.

2.  Darrelle Revis.  Well we can’t watch him because he is at home waiting for a five year contract deal.  The Jets insist on six years.  While we all wait for that to be resolved, will another CB step up and claim the starting spot along side Andre Dyson?  Or will Revis gain more leverage.  One thing we know is that Revis is losing valuable camp time and pre-season game experience.  So with every passing day the chances of Revis really stepping in and helping this team this year are decreasing.

3.  Can Andre Wadsworth make this team? broke the story about Andre before he was signed and it is a story straight out of Hollywood.  We would be lying if we said we weren’t pulling for him.  It will be nice to see Andre on the field and by all accounts his body is holding up well.  The question now is can he make the transition from DE to LB?

4.  Can Brad Smith play QB?  He is fast and he is exciting.  The Jets have to evaluate if the Jets can win if Brad Smith was the QB of this team.  Coming out of college there were questions about his accuracy.  Last year he played WR and went in motion to the backfield often.  He was a standout on special teams as well.  Definitely worth watching him tonight to check in on his progress at QB.

5.  Parking – With Xanadu, the new stadium and the construction of a new rail line there are approximately 5,000 less parking spots available.  You will only be allowed into the stadium with your car if you have a prepaid parking pass.  Otherwise you have to park at a remote lot (Lyndhurst) and you will be shuttled in.  At the Live Earth concert there were lines of up to one hour waiting for the buses.  We are told that there are many more buses will be available for football games.  We certainly hope that is the case because they are not allowing tailgating at the remote sites.  So if fans are standing in line waiting for an hour, they won’t be happy.  Either way the parking lot attendants will have their hands full.

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