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Week 13 Preview: Jets at Dolphins

By Tom Kiss

On Thanksgiving Day it actually looked like the Dallas Cowboys played 53 green and white turkeys on route to a 34-3 romping in big D. The Jet offense looked as putrid as ever and the defense was on the field for just under 38 minutes. This was by far the worst performance the Jets have had under Eric Mangini, and this game made the exciting win against Pittsburgh look even more like an aberration.

With the winless Dolphins coming up next, the Jets are hoping to rebound with a win, though the Dolphins could be dangerous against this Jets team as they are so desperate. If the Jets lose this week, it is conceivable that they could end up with just 2 wins all year with games against the Patriots, Browns, Titans, and the Chiefs remaining.

When the Jets have the ball:
Kellen Clemens looked like a kid against the Cowboy defense last week, having a “deer in headlights” look as he was pressured all day. The Jet offensive line has really been non-impressive this year, and one has to wonder just how big the loss of Pete Kendall in training camp was. The Jets may have made a big mistake in not giving Kendall his $1 million and instead investing it in Brandon Moore. Clemens must get some time from his o-line to have a chance at being succcessful this week. His receivers also must start making the catches that they have been dropping this year. With Coles’ status uncertain, the other Jet receivers must step it up this week.

Thomas Jones still has no touchdowns, and what a mistake it was to take him in my fantasy football league this year. With minimal push from the o-line, Jones has been nothing more than average his first year as a Jet, and it’s hard to expect anything better from this group this late into the season. Jones will most likely get his 75-90 yards on the ground, and maybe, just maybe, get his first touchdown as a New York Jet.

When the Dolphins have the ball:
The best news for the Jets comes from the Dolphins depleted offense. Miami running back Ronnie Brown has been done, Ricky Williams is out for the year as well, and Jesse Chatman is questionable so it conceivable that the Jets may be able to stop the run this week (I sure hope that wasn’t the kiss of death). David Harris and the rest of the Jet front seven will be looking to stop whoever is running the ball for the Dolphins while also trying to get some pressure on John Beck, the Dolphins starter at quarterback.

Beck has been playing for only two weeks and is without both a touchdown and an interception. Darrelle Revis and Kerry Rhodes hope to add some to the latter this week as Beck will have trouble with the Jet defense. Say what you want about this defense, and though the score says otherwise, last week the Jet defense was playing well but the offense couldn’t stay on the field and fatigue and frustration took over. Expect a much better performance this week from this bunch.

Match up of the game: D’Brickashaw Ferguson vs. Jason Taylor
Taylor hasn’t been the player he was in past seasons this year with just 6 sacks thus far, a far cry from the 11 sacks per year he has averaged. He could actually get close to that number this week against the Jet left tackle. Ferguson has been less than impressive in his 27 regular season games so far. He must start to progress into the kind of the player the Jets had drafted number 4 overall.

NYJ 17 – MIA 14

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