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Week 8 Preview: Jets vs. Chiefs

By Tom Kiss

The Jets left a golden opportunity in Oakland last week.  Brett Favre led the Jets from their own five yard line to the game tying field goal but they couldn’t get it done in overtime.  Bear in mind this was a game the Jets should have easily dominated, but Favre’s drive and getting the ball to start overtime should have had the Jets feeling good about their chances.  The Jet coaching staff decided the best option would be to go conservative and run the ball extensively in OT and it led to a game winning field goal…for the Raiders.

What boggles the mind is that the Jets went out and traded for Favre and continue to handcuff him.  Favre should have been throwing the ball in OT, that’s why he’s here, to win games.  Chad Pennington can hand the ball off in a big spot, but Favre was brought here to change that.  With Herm Edwards and the Chiefs coming to town, on paper the Jets have another game with which they can do some damage.  The real question is how stung is the entire organization after last week’s debacle in Oakland.

When the Jets have ball:

To give Mangini credit, Thomas Jones did have a great day last week.  The offensive line did a very good job run blocking and Jones was able to do some damage on the ground.  The Chiefs have struggled against the run this year giving up over 200 yards per game on average.  Expect to see that continue and the Jets should really be able to get the ground game working.

The question is unlike last week, will the Jets be able to parlay a good running game into points?  To do this they must do a better job of mixing it up.  Pass protection is starting to look like it could be a major weakness.  Favre was getting hit all day last week, which could have been a contributing factor in the heavy run offense in OT.  If the line can give Favre time he could tear up the Kansas City defense.

When the Chiefs have the ball:

As bad as the Chiefs have been on defense, offense has been a total disaster.  Averaging just 12.5 points a game this team looks like a doormat.  It has gotten so bad that the Chiefs contacted recently retired Daunte Culpepper about coming back.  Larry Johnson will not play again this week, which takes away the Chiefs only real threat.

Tony Gonzalez could be dangerous, but with Tyler Thigpen throwing the ball he’s really a non-factor.  Expect to see a lot of pressure by the Jets defense, with Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas coming off the ends often.

Match up of the game: Brett Favre vs. Derrick Johnson

Johnson is one of the more talented defensive players on the Chiefs roster and he will be trying his best to get in Favre’s face.  Favre, who hopefully won’t be running for his life, will do his best to make plays even with Johnson applying pressure.

Prediction: NYJ 24 – KC 9

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