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Jets – Titans Preview (Phil Simms Edition)

NFL analyst Phil Simms is impressed with how the New York Jets are coming together.

Simms will provide the color commentary alongside play-by-play man Jim Nantz for CBS Sports’ broadcast of Sunday’s big matchup between the Jets and the undefeated Tennessee Titans.

Simms provided a breakdown of the game:

The Jets remind me of a team that has the fever. The fever is winning and how much fun they can have doing it. They have some personality going for them. There are a lot of reasons for it. You have to give the coaching staff credit, Brett Favre and all the new additions. It’s taken a while, but they’ve all melded together. The Jets have absolutely become a fun team to watch in the NFL.

Jets’ keys to victory:

It’s on the road; crowd noise is always something to overcome. Can they find ways to generate offense first? You hope to run the ball and have a little success. What it comes down to is, can you make enough passing plays to win the game? That is what you have to look for anytime you see a team playing against the Tennessee Titans.

Titans’ keys to victory:

Can they stay sharp and edgy and hungry and eager even though they’re 10-0? There is a certain energy that comes with being undefeated and being 10-0. Not all the time, but sometimes being undefeated does make you lose sight of the little things. Sooner or later, if you lose sight of enough little things, it will cost you a game.

I’m anxious to watch this game because I want to judge the Tennessee Titans football team with my own eyes. I want to see if I can see and feel their edginess and how is it all coming together for them to be 10-0.

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