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Week 17 Preview: Jets vs. Dolphins

By  Tom Kiss

After an 8-3 start and following a big win against the Patriots and a near perfect game against the Titans, the Jets looked like Super Bowl contenders.   The talk of the city was of a potential Jets vs. Giants Super Bowl.  Since then the Jets have lost every game (I know they got a win but we all know they lost that Bills game) and have looked strangely flat.  The defense doesn’t blitz enough and when they do they get virtually no pressure.  The offense has been consistent only in stalling drive after drive.  Eric Mangini may be coaching for his job here as he has coached his way to having to hope to get help just to get to the playoffs. With the Chad Pennington led Dolphins coming into town with a chance to win the division with a victory, it would make the organization look very bad even though they still made the right choice.

When the Jets have the ball:
This offense has been frustrating all season long.  The Jets brought in Favre, Faneca, Woody and traded up to grab Keller in the first round, and they looked pretty good in the middle of the season when it seemed the new parts were all coming together.  Like every other aspect of this team however, since the 5-game win streak the offense has been disappointing to say the least.  Thomas Jones has been a beast all year and you can expect to see plenty of him on Sunday.  The real question is why does Leon Washington have no role on offense.  Mangini and Schottenheimer must get him more touches on offense.

Favre says he may need and MRI in the offseason. Thanks for telling the world you think you have a bum shoulder Brett.  Despite that, if you look at the play that could have saved the season until Coles dropped the perfect pass, you can see Favre can still make the big throw.  The entire offense must step up in the passing game because it has been pretty disappointing all year, though play calling has had an effect on that.

When the Dolphins have the ball:
Defensively the Jets have been just as inept despite looking potentially dominant during that 5-game stretch.  A big reason for the Jets defensive failures has been the fact that Kris Jenkins looked like he is just worn down.  I can’t blame him, the man is a monster and its gott to be tough to carry that weight for 16 weeks.  It’s the coaching staffs job to do something about it, and it is here where Mangini has failed.  He’s a defensive guy and he has to recognize that Jenkins has to play a little less and that the defense is different without him.  Blitz.  The Jets have to blitz because with Jenkins either tired or off the field that’s the only way they can generate pressure.

With Pennington on the other side of the field the Jets know what they’re up against.  He’s gonna be efficient, make good decisions and limit turnovers.  As Jet fans have seen Pennington can be rattled if pressured so even more reason to blitz.  Also the Jets must stop the run, something that haven’t been doing anymore, because Pennington struggles without a running game.

Match up of the game: Chad Pennington vs. Kerry Rhodes
The trainig camp roommates with both be watching each other on Sunday and if Rhodes can read Pennington correctly he could change the game for the Jets.

NYJ 20 – MIA 17

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