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Topic: Kerry Rhodes seems to have 1 foot out the door already!


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Last year, when the epic collapse happened… I knew there had to be more to it than just Favre’s injury, and the lack of adjustments by the coaching staff…. there has been a “heart and soul” problem with this team for a while now.

I live in New England, I hear about the impact of veteran football players that are in it to win for the team ALL THE TIME up here. And as much as I hate it, because its the Pats, it couldn’t be more true.

I never in a million years expected the locker room cancer to surface as Rhodes.

I don’t think this is just happening this year. I think we are finally seeing it this year, because he doesn’t have a “clique” of guys that buy into his selfish agenda in the locker room anymore. In the past, I think he was able to influence other players. He may have even done so this year during our little skid… but, it seems like the tide is changing.

Rex is getting players to buy into him OVER the small locker room cliques… thus unifying the team. And leaving the power-hungry usurpers like Rhodes dangling in the wind.

Based upon this twitter nonsense are we supposed to believe that Rhodes would realize his potential in order to say “I told you so” to the Jets fans that chide him? Only not while he plays for the Jets? It has to happen with another team? Right. Good luck Kerry.

What kind of professional athlete needs that as motivation to play well? And who among us really believes that he will actually make good on this? I don’t. Great athletes don’t take years off because of their attitudes… in fact great athletes have attitudes (pride) that won’t allow them to take plays off, let alone years off.

Rhodes literally talks as though he is holding back his “skills” because he doesn’t like the fans. That is what I take away from this exchange… and I’ll tell you what, that is denial if I’ve ever heard it.

The more likely scenario is that his skills have diminished and he is not coping with it well… thus making it everyone else’s fault… his coach, the fans, New York, everyone else is at fault except Kerry.

This guy should be ashamed of himself. Anyone with any pride would have shut their traps, put their heads down and worked harder. Instead, he ****ed his head back and instead of working harder, his defense mechanism has been to shirk responsibility, blame others and behave like an arrogant ass.

SuperBowl Champions do not have bad apples.

The Nomination: JI’s loss is JN’s gain-great post-best of the month IMHO and if the Bot can’t see it I think it needs to have it’s gears oiled
Editor’s Note: If you’re going to be TO, you have to have TO talent. Kerry Rhodes is FredEx (thanks to Matt39 for the comparison)

Kerry Rhodes made another play, but this was still the most nominated post of the week, and never let anyone tell you I am not a man of the people. Congrats to one of the new guys, here’s hoping he sticks around long enough to wear this badge with pride for the rest of the week.

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