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Posted by Jetsfan80

Topic: Culture Shift Quote: Originally Posted by Jetsfan80 I don’t think it can be over-stated how amazing this whole season has been. True, we ended up with the same record as last season (9-7), and a shallow onlooker would say that what we’ve done is no big deal. However, in just 1 season, Rex Ryan… Read more

by Integrity28

Topic: Kerry Rhodes seems to have 1 foot out the door already! Quote: Originally Posted by Integrity28 Last year, when the epic collapse happened… I knew there had to be more to it than just Favre’s injury, and the lack of adjustments by the coaching staff…. there has been a “heart and soul” problem with… Read more

Posted By Vicious89x

Topic: New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins Game Thread Quote: Originally Posted by Vicious89x HOLY ****!!! I AM NOT KIDDING MY KID JUST SAID JETS!!!!!! I SAID GO JETS AND HE SAID JETS!!!! FIRST WORD HES’ SAID BESIDES MAMA DADA The Nomination: “If this doesn’t win, then this board is filled with heartless people.” dbatesman… Read more

Posted By Sperm Edwards

Topic: Report: Mangini May Not Make It Through The Season Quote: Originally Posted by Sperm Edwards From the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009. Thread: clayton just said if we dont make the playoffs mangini might be out… Quote: Originally Posted by glenn212 Clayton is an idiot..Mangini isn’t going anywhere..Thank God. Thread: Go On… Read more

Originally Posted by PFSIKH

Quote: Originally Posted by PFSIKH I do not want to say it was, but the object in the rearview mirror is danger close. It could very well be the end as much as it pains me to say that. The Patriots have some clear issues they need to fix. And the problems that have been… Read more

Posted By #27TheDominator

Topic: Roughing the Passer against the Pats Quote: Originally Posted by #27TheDominator I don’t care if he gets special treatment or not. You have to knock the special out of him. There are different ways to win in the NFL and if you are going to win as a tough guy “violent” defensive team you… Read more

Posted By MDL_JET

And This Week’s Winner Is: Quote: Originally Posted by POTW Bot Topic: Brady & Moss Quote: Originally Posted by MDL_JET Quote: Originally Posted by PatriotReign37 On the 2nd TD, Wes Welker drew the Safety up and into double coverage. Just sayin. Welker is amazing, was on the field drawing double coverage when he was inactive… Read more

Posted by JohnnyHector

Topic: Baker the touchdown maker Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyHector Chris Baker is a spork. He serves the dual function as a blocking TE and pass-catcher, but does neither well enough for people to forget that the fork and spoon exist. The Nomination: “Spork Baker!” Sperm Edwards Editor’s Note: I’ve always been disappointed that my… Read more

Posted by abyzmul

This weeks winner is abyzmul. Chad Pennington \ Noodle arm jokes will always be funny. Good job. Quote: Topic: another 1st round dol-fag bust Quote: Originally Posted by dolphann4life Ginn wil have 89 catches 1200 yards 9 TD’s 2 rush TD’s and 2 returning kicks Quote: Originally Posted by abyzmul How is Ginn going to… Read more

Posted by snow monkey

Topic: TJ for Braylon very possible Quote: Originally Posted by snow_monkey We need a WR badly, but Edwards couldn’t catch the swine flu at a pig farm You can read all the nominations here… Read more

Posted By The Crusher

Quote: Originally Posted by The Crusher Spent ten years in a marriage that ended up with my ex wife having an affair and after a slight disagreement with her scumbag, I did a little less than a year in the joint. I literally went from being a professional with 3 kids, a wife I thought… Read more

Posted By Borgoguy

Topic: ****The 4th Annual JetNation Awards**** Quote: Originally Posted by Borgoguy INT. NIGHT, JETNATION AWARDS CEREMONY. NEWARK ARMORY, NEWARK, NEW JERSEY. OVER BLACK, MUSIC SFX OF K.C. AND THE SUNSHINE BAND’S LIVE VERSION OF “THAT’S THE WAY (I LIKE IT)”. (As no one else has booked them in what is now three decades, K.C. and… Read more

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