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Congratulations to Rutgers Jets Fan on his Post Of The Week (January Edition). Thanks everyone. Keep up the great work. Many deserving posts in here! Good job.… Read more

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Originally Posted by jetheelz Quote: Originally Posted by Bronzey I got nada. Not even a JETS keychain Pm me your address. I got a Dustin Keller auto for you. No joke. Merry Christmas. The Nomination: “Beans you have a winner here.. This is what Xmas is all about!!” afosomf —– Congratulations to JetHeelz on both… Read more

Posted by NJ The Nomination: “” BP The Nomination: “haha” afosomf The Nomination: “EXCELLENT picture and a showing of what will happen Sunday ” 124 The Nomination: “Bwhahahahaha, effin classic, great work!!!” Green DNA The Nomination: “If that doesn’t win, I’ll beat the living piss out of each and every person responsible.” G.O.B. The Nomination: “Great work!”… Read more

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And this week’s winner… Quote: Topic: Did I really see these things I’ve seen this year? Quote: Originally Posted by Sperm Edwards Did I really see these things I’ve seen this year? Did we actually acquire – in 1 off-season – Brett Favre, Kris Jenkins, Alan Faneca, Tony Richardson, Damien Woody, a highly-sought-after Calvin Pace… Read more

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And the winners (yes, plural): Quote: Topic: Eric Mangini has done a great job this year Quote: Originally Posted by Sperm Edwards Ecurb, comparing Herm’s 9-3 start in 2004 either shows you have a short memory, haven’t been a Jets fan for very long, or are simply looking to be argumentative. Herm lost to every… Read more

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And this week’s winner: Quote: WINNNNNNNNERRRR!!!!! Topic: I AM PROUD OF THESE GUYS Quote: Originally Posted by Boozer76 I’m with you. I’m not saying that I’m happy about how things transpired on the field, but make no mistake that was a HUGE win. And to be quite honest it is fitting that it was that… Read more

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And this week’s winner… Quote: Originally Posted by This Week’s Winner Topic: Who wants Favre to manage the game, not me! Quote: Originally Posted by joebabyny I know this is not the popular opinion right now, and I know that most of you feel that this game hinges on Favre not making any mistakes,but I… Read more

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And this week’s winner… Quote: Topic: Politics Quote: Originally Posted by Max We are here because of the NY Jets. What I hate more than ANYTHING in this world is Partisan bullsh*t. And it comes from both sides. There have been NUMEROUS deleted threads and posts. Some were locked, many more were deleted. The reasons… Read more

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Topic: According to ***** Quote: Originally Posted by shawn306 Quote: Originally Posted by KSJets So what exactly happened over at JI that made people leave in droves? I still haven’t read anything that said what happened. One good thing that has come of this…JetsRule128’s stupid threads keep getting buried Here is the story Apparently there… Read more

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Quote: Originally Posted by post of the week Topic: Hello Moderators, please ban the following: Quote: Originally Posted by BP Quote: Originally Posted by Mister Morals Warm Regards BP, you have a rather short screen name. You may have missed my request (insistance) that BP be banned. Please ban yourself and send me a confirmation… Read more

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And this week’s winner… Quote: Topic: Jets locker room is 87% stinkier since Brett Favre’s arrival Quote: Originally Posted by flgreen Qulote: “A wild turkey? That’s not a bad guess. I think it was Ken O’Brien.” If it was a dead turkey stuffed inside a locker, it would have to be Steve Serby The Nomination… Read more

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Topic: Again, the defense is the problem. Quote: Originally Posted by shawn306 Here are my thoughts from the game. The offense yesterday was friggin great. They got Coles involved big time and the OL gave Favre time to throw the football. I don’t know exactly what the Cardinals were trying to do defensively but whatever… Read more

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