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Topic: Again, the defense is the problem.

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Here are my thoughts from the game.

The offense yesterday was friggin great. They got Coles involved big time and the OL gave Favre time to throw the football. I don’t know exactly what the Cardinals were trying to do defensively but whatever the game plan the DC should be fired because Jet Receivers were not only open, they were open by 5-10 yds !!!! They did a great job.

As great as the offense was yesterday, I was just a ticked off at the second half D. You DO NOT under any circumstances take your foot off their throat when you have a chance to go for the kill and let them back up. The Jets D was great in the first half making things happen and then they for whatever reason shut it down in the second half. It is something we have seen when Herm was here, when Coslet was here and when Walton was here. Just try and nurse it home. That kind of play will come back and in bite Mangini in @ss down the road the same way it did Herm and the rest of the clowns.

When a shark smells blood he doesn’t wait for the meal to come to him. He goes and gets it. The Jets D should be the same way.

Overall. The Jets needed to win this game and got it in a big way. Now they have the soft part of their schedule coming up and a week to prepare for it. An extra week for Favre to get more acclimated with the offense and extra week to get his ankle healthy. The past two years the Defense has made its turnaround after the buy and I hope that is the case this year. They still need to learn play 4 qtrs and not sit back and let teams peck away at a lead and get themselves back into the game.

I like we where are right now. Now they have to get better if they are going to complete for a playoff spot.

The Nomination: “He hit the nail on the head with this post!!” PETROCK

Congratulations to Shawn306 on his POTW victory. The winning post hits on all of the things that most fans HAD to be thinking watching the third quarter of the Arizona game – you know, WTF happened to the defense? Did Bob Sutton die at half time and is 128 now calling the plays from the bushes? If the Jets are going to play winning football this year they MUST play complete games for all 60 minutes. They have talent, but they do not have enough of it to take quarters off. Great post Shawn, wear the badge with pride this week.

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