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Topic: Who wants Favre to manage the game, not me!

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I know this is not the popular opinion right now, and I know that most of you feel that this game hinges on Favre not making any mistakes,but I am taking a different tack here. We have had a game manager, one of the best in the league, for years and what has it gotten us? Streaky mediocrity and occasional wild card playoff births. We have beaten some bad teams, lost to most good ones, and just chugged along. Finally the Jets are in possesion of a combination of two things that they have not really had in my life as a Jets fan, a future hall of fame qb who can do things that defy football logic, and a stout defense that may very well be elite. Yes Favre’s decisions and improvised play can lead to turnovers, but that is a risk that comes with a very good possibility of a very high reward. With the way our defense has played, I am fine with Favre taking some chances throwing deep into NE’s territory. At worst we will have to rely on Jenkins and the defense to bail us out if it goes wrong once or twice, but at best we can snap NE’s neck, something I have never seen ANY OTHER TEAM, the Jets especially, do. For the first time in years I have all the confidence in that Jet defense to do their part if needed. I for one am totally sick of that attitude that Brett and the Jets have to manage the game and that type of playcalling. I want to feel the thrill that Indy and Pats fans feel as their all pro QB’s take games over and dominate. I want to jump out of my seat in foxborough and scream at Favre to Coles deep in the red zone all day. I want Favre to throw bombs all over the feild. I want shock and awe on offense. I want a game that will destroy the hopes and dreams of every Patriots player as well as their wives and children’s. I want the stands in Gillette to be empty by the middle of the third quarter. I want this win to be so profound and dominating that it makes up for years of humiliation and heartache at the hands of Brady and the Pats. I want to feel what the old timer fans felt when they watched Broadway Joe swagger on the sidelines and promise victory then deliver it on the field.

Brett and the Jets have the ability to do all these things and more, let’s hope they all realize what they have and don’t play to not lose, let’s hope they play to win.

Congratulations to joebabyny who finally broke his (POTW) cherry around here. All I have to say is is contained in the following:

The Nomination: “Joe getting us psched up even more-go JETS” SoFlaJets

Editor’s Note: Preach on, brother TunaCan, preach on with your bad self. BEAT THE F’n PATS!

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