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So what exactly happened over at JI that made people leave in droves? I still haven’t read anything that said what happened.

One good thing that has come of this…JetsRule128’s stupid threads keep getting buried

Here is the story

Apparently there was a big blowup in the political forum between Ham and EY. Soemthing about a certain VP candidate being a MILF. Ham got into a tizzy and basically threatned to kick EY’s @ss. When that didn’t work he just banned him and EY showed up over here.

That was late last week.

Sunday comes and this is where things start to get a little sketchy. (I’m still going through all the paperwork and notes so please bear with me)

GJH apparently still looking to kick anyone’s @ss showed up at ALKs house in the middle of the night dressed in boxer shorts and old boxing gloves. ALK swatted him away and went back to bed.

JI resident house detective Jetsbabe gets into a spat with a certain JI website owner and leaves. She comes here finds true love with Abobo who threatens to “Smash second rate mod”. They left for South Beach with an eighth of Jorge’s diamond and some rum.

Meawhile an old favorite of JetsBabe “The Crusher” showed up. So you have that whole situation going on.

Marko left Limo because he could not afford to take her to Sizzler anymore. He and The Crusher could be secretly plotting to totally steal jetsbabe away from Abobo.

Some newbie got into greengal’s candy corn. Leaving greengal screaming “No HANDS IN MY CANDY CORN. EVER !!!!”

Boroguy is doing his best Oliver Stone conspiracy about the whole situation
Bob is reminiscing about old times when we all got along.

Smizzy and Thor appear on the verge of a breakup.

And a whole lot of new posters showed up apparently tired of the drama at JI.

Oh yeah and the Jets lost.

Just another day at the nation.

Congratulations to shawn306 for his Post of the Week win. This post is a perfect example of a day/week here at JN – something is always going on, and people are always glad it is burying 128’s (and his alter egos) threads about the bushes, Hofstra, and my grandfather (jerk). This one in particular is more witty than I could ever muster, so it must be recognized. Congrats shawn – wear the badge with pride this week.

The POTW discussion thread is here.

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