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And this week’s winner…

Three things you never talk about with “family” – religion, politics, and the hair on grandma’s chinny chin chin – four if you count not talking about the 10 miles Max owes the board. Anyway, this is the winning post this week (congrats to Max) because it is one of JN’s “core values” – politics are the route to family spats, and we’re all family here. Some of us are Black Sheep (like my favorite Pats fans), others are just insane (SJ), still others are our conscious (greengal, Ms.T), but we’re all family here. Great post, thanks for providing the family a home.

This is yours for the week, Max:

Assist of the week goes to BP – he did POTW for me last weekend while I was in work hell. Thanks Tuna!

That’s all – back to work, y’all.


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