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Topic: Chicken Little Syndrome in High Gear Quote: Originally Posted by Green DNA Holy crap, I can’t believe the amount of people going ape $hit over a loss to the Patriots. This is a team that went undefeated last year and despite losing their best player are still extremely talented and well coached. If you… Read more

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Topic: Brady injury bad for the league? Quote: Originally Posted by Jetscode1 Quote: Originally Posted by Pyper Any time one of the league’s best players gets knocked out for the season, it’s bad for the league. As a “football fan”, not just a fan of a particular team, but a fan of football, you should… Read more

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Topic:The Chiefs are going to beat the Patriots Quote: Originally Posted by crashingjet Yeah, and Miami’s gonna beat the Jets Quote: Originally Posted by joewilly in other news, the snoball is holding it’s own in hell Congratulations to joewilly, poster extraordinaire and all around nice guy. joewilly wins this week mostly because the snowball is… Read more

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Post: Chad sucks! Quote: Originally Posted by kelticwizard I can understand that contracts are structured so that where a player ranks in terms of pay varies with his year on the contract. And that these contracts tend to leap frog each other. Nonetheless, when dealing with several dozen contracts things do tend to average out… Read more

Posted By Max

Originally Posted by Max Over the past few years we have become a fan base divided. With the explosion of the internet, people have more access to the team than ever. They can express their opinions like never before.I am a fan of the NY Jets. Herman Edwards was a polarizing figure. So many things… Read more

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Bro have a little class. Pennington went out there against the Steelers knowing he was putting his career in jeopardy. He did it anyway, no questions asked. That is courage. The results weren’t there, no doubt but all that has been well documented. If Chad is going, no need to blast him on the way… Read more

Posted By NFLs StepChild

07/31/08 — Originally Posted by NFLs StepChild The other side of the coin, is that you can protect your young QBs with your offenive gameplan. Bears went to the Playoffs on the arm of KYLE FRIGGIN ORTON!!! Look at Tom Brady’s first year, they ran like 50 times a game. Same with Big Ben. Same… Read more

Post Of The Week Is Back

Quote: Originally Posted by Max and better than ever. For those of you that aren’t familiar each week we pick the Post Of The Week. What is the Post Of The Week? In a perfect world the POTW would be the single post that best captures our hearts and minds or the funniest joke. Since… Read more

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They’re working together on this. The Jets send out a “survey” with PSL’s that range as high as $30,000. The Giants then release a “structure” in which the highest price they’ll be charging in $20,000. Now, as insane an amount as that is, it looks like a bargain compared to what the Jets seem to… Read more

Posted by war ensemble

Topic: Happy Birthday JetNation Originally Posted by war ensemble Thank you Max for giving us the greatest Jets forum to post on, one that you don’t have to worry about personal agendas or anything else getting you banned. Great work by everyone involved: Max, without you I wouldn’t be on a Jets forum. But we… Read more

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Topic: Tuck Rules Originally Posted by Lady Jet Tuck Rules I guess what goes around, comes around…… Read more

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Originally posted by Jetsfanbymarriage So who cares if he copies an idea from us. that just proves that we are doing great things here and we should keep up the good work. We know where the idea came from and it would be obvious who started it. The members are not dumb, they can figure… Read more

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