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Over the past few years we have become a fan base divided. With the explosion of the internet, people have more access to the team than ever. They can express their opinions like never before.I am a fan of the NY Jets.

Herman Edwards was a polarizing figure. So many things have happened over the past few years that have turned fan against fan.

Chad Pennington has a weak arm. Lamont should get more of Curtis Martin’s carries. DeWayne Robertson and Vilma don’t belong in the 3-4. The stadium should be in (insert city name here). PSLs aren’t bad.

These are some of the things that have divided people. The discussions are good ones. But they are too personal at times. Just because someone thinks Chad Pennington can win here, doesn’t make them a bad Jets fan. Just because someone thinks Vilma could do well in the 3-4, doesn’t make them less of a fan. We all have our opinions. If someone feels that they PSLs are a good investment, that is their choice. If a season ticket holder gives up their tickets because of PSLs, that is their choice as well.

One day though, this franchise will get it right. One day, the Jets will win the Super Bowl. The question is when that happens, will we be a fan base divided?

What we all want is the same thing. For the Jets to be # 1. That is what we as fans root for.

Our visions of the best way to make that happen are all well and good. They should just never lead us down a road that has Jets fan against Jets fan. Our common enemy is Tom Brady and the Cheating Belichick.

Let us unite, focus our anger and root for the Jets. This is not to say that we have to support them blindly. I just fear a day when the Jets do win it all and instead of everyone being happy, some are sad because “their player” or “their plan” wasn’t the winning formula.

We are fans. Most of us have been fans for a very long time. When the Jets do win it all, we should experience a feeling (almost) like no other.

Go Jets!!!

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