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So who cares if he copies an idea from us. that just proves that we are doing great things here and we should keep up the good work. We know where the idea came from and it would be obvious who started it. The members are not dumb, they can figure it out on there own.

As for him lurking, again who cares. That again just proves that he is curious about what is being done over here and should again go to show that he is indeed interested in the board. If it bothers you(meaning anyone) when he is lurking instead of starting a thread mocking him start one and kill him with kindness. Eventually he will see there is nothing for him to see here and move on.
I am sure there are others lurking who are not welcome here for one reason or another by lots of members here.

The point is that there is no reason to constantly bring his name up or even care what he is doing or why he is doing it. The posters will decide for themselves with there own experiences where they want to post and it might be both boards.

I just think it is time to let it go and move on. We have this board and he has his, who cares that there are other Jet boards, there are alot of posters to go around. There are so many other things in life to worry about then who is posting where or what sean is doing. WHO GIVES A CRAP!

If you have a grudge with him then take it up with him and get it over. Do you really need an appology for the things he has done to you? Is it worth that much to you to have this much hate towards one guy? Think about it, seriously. we could be having fun instead of worrying or talking about him.

As for his decision to word censor us overe there, again who cares. JN has gotten alot of traffic in the few years that it has been up and running and it is serving it’s purpose. A fun way for jet fans to get together and have some fun talking jets whether it be good or bad. We have all made some good friends through this board and some of those friendships started with that board so just be grateful you found those friends. The ones you kept from previous years or boards are the ones that are worth it!

Again, i never get involved with board politics but after listening/reading this for three years it is getting so old. I just felt it was time to put a woman’s perspective on it.

Mrs Max

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