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They’re working together on this. The Jets send out a “survey” with PSL’s that range as high as $30,000. The Giants then release a “structure” in which the highest price they’ll be charging in $20,000. Now, as insane an amount as that is, it looks like a bargain compared to what the Jets seem to be proposing. So Giant fans are oddly contented.

Next move will be the Jets releasing a structure of their own that will be equal to -or lower than- the Giants. Or one they can effectively sell as “better for the average fan” than the Giants’ structure.


Posted By BaumerJet

I was thinking the same thing after the press conference yesterday. This may very well just be a media stunt by both teams so they do not come off as a “Villian” in this PSL scandal.

  • The Jets send out a survey that lists PSL prices that will well outsource the average season ticket holder
  • The Giants a week to the day that the survey is sent to Jets Season & Waiting list holders gives a short statement about their PSL’s so their Season ticket base does not run for the hills – This way they can get the higher end price out through game day ticket sales/parking/food/ect…

And then the Jets lay down the “TROJAN HORSE”

  • They promote a much lower PSL breakdown than that of the survey & state that “We’ve listened to you requests & are offering you best incentives for keeping your season tickets”
  • They come off as heroes to the Season ticket base & as a Villian to the Giants fans who feel that they were forced into PSL’s because of the Jets
  • They increase the price per game after the 2012 season to 160% of the average ticket price, stating “Due to unknown expenses, we have no choice but to increase the average game day ticket”

My God – Does this mean that Woody now thinks he’s frickin’ Achillies?!!

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