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Topic: Chicken Little Syndrome in High Gear

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Holy crap, I can’t believe the amount of people going ape $hit over a loss to the Patriots. This is a team that went undefeated last year and despite losing their best player are still extremely talented and well coached. If you functioned like this in your daily lives, half of you would be on medication or in an asylum. This is what we see on the board today:

Doom & Gloom – The Jets can never do anything right, are always destined to have things go wrong and generally suck

Bipolar – Pre-game, love the Jets, gay for Favre and soon as things don’t work out as planned, hate the Jets, think Favre is an old man and everyone sucks

The reality is that the Jets have a lot of new parts that need time to gel. Favre has played 2 games with this team and needs time to develop chemistry qwith the team and learn the entire playbook. To think that he is going to get of the plane from Green Bay and light it up from day one is being delusional.

The playcalling was conservative and I think Mangini and Schott need to realize that Chad is history, there is a guy that can make all the throws under center now. On a related note, the penalties were inexcusable and not what you would expect from a well coached team. The 12 man on the field in the 4th quarter was comical, Gholston running on the field at the last second, running arounsd like a chicken without a head and then it turns out he was not even supposed to be on the field. Someone told him to get out there however.

No argument from me here, special teams do suck. The Patriots started 4 drives in Jets territory as the direct result of not so special teams plays. Ben Graham needs to start looking for another job, he did the same crap last year. On the flip side, the Pats kicking game was awesome, giving the Jets a long field to work with all day long.

Bottom line: take a valium or a shot of whiskey (or some jello shots). This is a marathon, not a sprint. The doom and gloom is comical as are a lot of the threads pointing out our suckiness.

The Nomination: “great post…I will take 5 jello shots” afosomf Congratulations to Green DNA on his POTW win. Great post, well needed after a bad loss to a division rival. This post is a good level set – it’s too early to give up on a season after game two of the season. So, Green DNA, wear the POTW badge with pride this week:

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