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Post Of The Week Is Back

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and better than ever. For those of you that aren’t familiar each week we pick the Post Of The Week.

What is the Post Of The Week?
In a perfect world the POTW would be the single post that best captures our hearts and minds or the funniest joke. Since neither of those things are ever seen here we usually pick the joke that would be most likely to make a 5th grader laugh.

What does the winner get?
He or she gets the honor of winning the award and gets published on the front page of the site.

How do I nominate a Post?

In the old days we used to have to reply to a post and type POTW or Post Of The Week Nomination. We then had a minimum wage employee search the forums each week and copy and past each post into a thread so he could declare the winner. I am happy to say that the new process is much better. We had to let the minimum wage employee go and replaced him with a computer program.

When you want to nominate a post simply click on this button:

You can then enter your reason for nominating the post and when you are done, just hit Send.

Who picks the winner?
The one and only POTW Bot.

People don’t like my posts, I never win the POTW. What can I do?
Send $34 to and we will make sure you win. Please include your user name and a self addressed stamped envelope.

Here are all this weeks entries:

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