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I’m with you. I’m not saying that I’m happy about how things transpired on the field, but make no mistake that was a HUGE win. And to be quite honest it is fitting that it was that difficult. We have been owned by them for years now. It shouldn’t be easy to exercise those demons. While having played a fairly poor game we still beat our arch nemesis. We beat them inj their house and now took over 1st place in our division outright. There are still things to improve upon, no doubt about it. But make no mistake, the Pats tying the game with 1 second left would do in just about every NFL team. That’s just deflating. Being stuck in 3rd and 15 in OT pinned back and about to give prime field position to the home team would do just about every NFL team in the league. And history states it would have destroyed our season for sure. But through all that we still persevered and won the game. This is not the same ol’ Jets. This is a team that has resolve like we have never seen in many years. This is a team that is making mistakes and still trying to gel, yet they ar winning and overcoming those mistakes. No way the SOJ’s do that. No way.

Congratulations to Boozer76 on his POTW victory. This is a great post – optimistic, realistic, and hopefully right on the money. Let’s hope “SOJ” is not something we have to look back and say in week 17 this season. Congrats, Boozer – wear the badge with pride this week:

Assist of the Week goes to johnny green balls – CONGRATS on your big news, kiddo! You’re dad is psyched to finally be able to say “yes I am” when someone calls him “grandpa”.

That’s all for this week, folks – y’all be cool.


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