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Originally Posted by PFSIKH


Originally Posted by PFSIKH
I do not want to say it was, but the object in the rearview mirror is danger close.

It could very well be the end as much as it pains me to say that. The Patriots have some clear issues they need to fix. And the problems that have been afflicting the D the past 3-4 years, lack of playmakers, is now spread over to the O.

Congrats on the excellent win. While 12 months ago there appeared no heir apparent to the New England, I think the next team has arriven.

The Nomination: “Other rival fans made cameos and excuses, this was genuine.” slats
Editor’s Note: The most common phrase in all of Jets fan preseason Patriots related lore might be, ‘The gap is closing’. Maybe it means something now.

Congratulations PFSIKH, wear this badge with pride, knowing that if Darrelle Revis were a JetNation poster, you’d remain in POTW obscurity.

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