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Spent ten years in a marriage that ended up with my ex wife having an affair and after a slight disagreement with her scumbag, I did a little less than a year in the joint. I literally went from being a professional with 3 kids, a wife I thought loved me, a house, and just about anything you think might make you happy to a jail cell.

Got out and spent the next year getting re-credentialed and seeing my kids only on weekends. Horrifying actually. Didn’t date for two years, kinda hated everybody. Fortunately a good friend of mine helped me get back into business and I was blessed to get myself a home and a second chance. Started dating but soon found out I was worse than most of the ex-husbands the woman I had dinner with left.

I wasn’t abusive, but was a work-aholic and was raised very traditionally and pretty set in my ways. I get a call from a friend of mine who I haven’t seen and we decided to have lunch and shoot the ****. As we’re eating I see this beutiful little petite blonde with a black smock on, she sorta looked like the worlds sexiest butcher, but actually was a hairdresser.

She got some take out and left. My boy immediately started telling me she didn’t have a ring on. I was like so, no confidence, and quite honestly felt like ****. We go to leave and my boy looks into the window of the hairshop next store and starts carrying on about this doll being in their. I looked in, but being 300 pounds and bald I’ve never been in a hair salon. I always went to a barber and actually bet on football as I got a hiarcut and hot shave.

So my boy volunteers to go in and get his haircut. I was like no ****ing way, but he went in and I followed. Not so much to see the lady, but the stupid dick was driving. We get in their and she is cutting someone elses hair and my boy gets into the chair with some dude hairdresser. I’m looking around and everybody in this place is pretty, men moreso than the woman, if you catch my drift. Again, Crusher felt very out of place but found a SI under all the cosmopolitan magazines and started reading.

All a sudden she walks up to me and asks me if I needed a perm. Man she was beutiful, goreous eyes, and a smile that made me feel warm and fussy. I would have let her burn her name in my forehead at the point if I got a chance to talk to her. Just as I was about to anwser my boy came over and told her she needs to go out with me because it’s be kind to animals week. At first I was picturing how funny he would looked toothless, but when she smiled and said yes, I forgavve him.

I took her to a nice little Italian Restaruant that a friend of mine owned. He hooked us up with the best table in the joint and started serving us without ordering. The thing that impressed me about her is she was more into enjoying the food with me than trying to make me try and seem interesting. Not my thing. I like to eat.

We dated for about 2 years and at the same table we had out first date I asked her to marry me. She said yes. The one challenge I had is she told me she didn;t like sports, so like any gentlemanI said me either. Problem was I lived and breathed football. Played in college and coached youth league football. Even practiced sports medicine which she always thought was funny, considering I didn’t like sports.

As time went on I fessed up and brought her to her first Jets game. It was the Thursday night season opener againt the Redskins after the Jetskins fiasco. We hung out and tailgated with other Jet fans for about 8 hours. Got hammered taught her beer pong and how to make jello shooters. She was cute as hell during the game. She was so tanked she kept cheering when Washington scored because everyone else in the stadium did and she didn’t know no better. I just watched her and smiled as I gave the evil eye to any Skin fans that looked at me.

While planning our wedding she knew two things, I don’t like to wear ties, having a 20 1/3 inch neck and all, and I love Joe Namath. I own 23 signed pices by Joe Willy. 14 I got for myself the rest where gifts or late nights up on the PC buying stuff. The girl that didn’t like sports bought me a wedding gift and gave it to me about 4 weeks before our day. I though it was weird but I like getting stuff.

I opened it and it was an authentic Namath jersy in white. She looked into my eyes with those baby blues and told me she wanted to wear it for the wedding. I know it sounds silly but let me tell you this, I knew I found the right one at that point.

We have now been married for 6 years and have a dughter of our own and custody of all my kids. She had an older daughter from her first marriage. Everyday of my life since then has been a blessing. I thank the Lord everyday for putting my wife in my life. This has brought Crusher great peace.

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