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Darrelle Revis discusses his injury

On Friday New York Jets All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis met with the media to discuss his hamstring injury and his ability to play on Monday night.  Here is the transcript from the interview courtesy of the Jets.

On how his hamstring feels and how it felt today in practice…

“It feels a lot better. It feels good. I’ve been out there practicing for the last couple of days. Practice is intense and I took all of the reps. I’m feeling good, I’m taking it day-by-day and (we’ll) go from there.”

On if he’s waiting to tell Coach Ryan that he can play…

“We’ve had numerous talks on the field, a couple of conversation. He just said let’s have fun and let’s play. We didn’t get too deep into if I was going to play this week. I think the coaching staff, the trainers and me are just taking it day-by-day to see how I feel. I’ve been feeling good the past couple of days. Hamstring (injuries), they can come back as soon as possible, so I just have to keep on strengthening my hamstring and improving every day.”

On whether he could play right now …

“Yeah, I think I could play right now. There (is) no doubt.”

On if his current health bodes well for playing Monday night…

“I think so. I think if it stays. I haven’t had any tweaks when I’ve been out there running the past two practices and I’ve been running full speed. They’ve been monitoring me every step of the way, just to make sure there are no tweaks or pulls in my hamstring. As of today, if I can play, I would go out there and play.”

On if he’s worried about a setback and that is why he has not definitely said he is playing Monday…

“I think, right now, we’re just being cautious with every step I take out there. Every time I’m out there just practicing in drills, running routes and covering receivers, I think we’re just monitoring it the best way we can. Like I said, I can practice tomorrow at full speed and can pull it again. I think we’re just trying to be very cautious about this whole situation.”

On whether he will wait until Monday to decide if he is playing…

“I think that’s the best bet for me, to just take it day-by-day and wait until maybe Sunday (or) even Monday to talk to coach and let those guys know. As of right now, I’m preparing myself to battle against the Minnesota Vikings.

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