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Steve Weatherford Interview Transcript 10/31/10

New York Jets P Steve Weatherford, 10.31

On the fake punt…

It would have been a good decision had it been fourth-and-nine, but that’s my fault. I made the decision to try to make the play, but it didn’t work out for the team. We’re a team that’s willing to go out there and lay it on the line, but it just didn’t work out today.

On if he has the authority to make the decision whether to fake the punt or not…

It’s a situation where I don’t have the green light, but if I do it, he’s not going to be mad if I get it. It has worked out in the past. It worked out in Oakland, it worked out in Miami, (but) today, it didn’t. It could have been a huge swing for us in the game, but obviously we came up about a half-yard short.

On if he was aware of how far he had to run for the first down…

Yeah, at the time, I knew it was third-and-nine when I went out there. I didn’t see exactly how many yards we lost on the sack. Once I get out of the pocket, I feel like if it’s 12 (or) 15 yards, I think I can make it. Like I said, I came up about a half-yard short.

On if the coaches told him to play it safe since it was fourth-and-18…

No, it’s nothing like that at all. I watch film all week for formations that I feel would be good for that particular play. They had given me that look on the first punt of the game, (then) they gave it to me again on the third (and) I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to get a big swing in the game. I came up a little bit short.

On what special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff said to him after the play…

He was disappointed we didn’t get it, obviously, but he’s never going to fault you for trying. He’s a legendary special teams coach and he’s taken risks in his career too. Nine times out of ten for him they work out, but every once in a while, you’re going to come up short.

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