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LaDainian Tomlinson interview transcript 11/4/10

On Thursday New York Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson addressed the media.  Here are a few of his quotes courtesy of the Jets.

On playing this Sunday after losing to Green Bay…

“That’s the best thing about when you’re going through the season and you have a setback, you’ve got another opportunity to get back on the field the next week and kind of correct things and really show people who you are. Last week that wasn’t us. We’re very eager to get back on the field.”

On Detroit’s defense…

“I see a young, talented group. (They are) a group that causes a lot of turnovers, to be honest with you. They get a lot of interceptions (and) cause a lot of fumbles. (They’re an) optimistic group (and) a group that runs well to the ball. (They’ve) got some guys up front that can disrupt a running game (and) get after the passer. We’ve got our hands cut out (for us).”

On if Coach Schottenheimer has a tough task in trying to spread balance with the run game and pass game…

“That can be something that can be, not a problem, but somewhat of a challenge, to find a way to get all these playmakers we have the ball. For us, I think we’ve got a group of unselfish guys and so whoever is getting the ball, our job is to block for the other guy and make that play work. Whoever gets in the end zone, whoever makes first downs for us, that’s who we look forward to getting the ball. It doesn’t matter whether we’re running, throwing it or who is getting what. As long as we’re moving the ball and putting points on the scoreboard, I think everybody is happy.”

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