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Braylon Edwards Interview transcript 11/10/10

On Wednesday New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards addressed the media. Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets.

On what his emotions are like about facing Cleveland…

“I’m pretty excited. As any former player going against a former team, you’re ready to play those guys. You’re ready to make a statement, especially since it happens to be there in Cleveland. I’m really excited and can’t wait (until) Sunday.”

On if he’ll have to keep his emotions in check on Sunday…

“I’m not worried about being too amped up. I think Detroit was a good test for that. Being from Detroit, born and raised, I had a lot of people at the game, so that was a good test for going into Cleveland to see how I handle my emotions. I did a good job, so I think it will be much of the same. I have good teammates around me will help keep me focused if I lose concentration. I don’t think it will be a problem. I think I’m pretty professional about it and will be ok.”

On how important it is for the offense to get into an early rhythm…

“It’s very important. That’s one of the big things for us. The key thing for this game is getting out to an early start and putting points on the board. I’m talking about touchdowns. I’m not talking about field goals. I’m not talking about long drives that get stalled. I’m talking about putting points on the board early because with the style of offense they run, they milk the clock. They’ll hand it off to (Peyton) Hillis 40 times a game. They’re trying to milk that clock. If you get into a situation where you fall behind and they have the ball, you’re in trouble. They may not score a lot of points, but at the same time, they’re milking that clock which puts you in a situation to press your offense when you get the ball and you may not be calling the things that you have to call. We have to score fast and we have to score touchdowns.”

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