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Santonio Holmes interview transcript 11/15/10

On Monday New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes addressed the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets.

On if the team just looks at the last two games with the perspective that wins are wins…

“I, honestly, think that’s been the way Coach Ryan had us approach (it) from game one. We lost to Baltimore, 10-9. We lost to those guys and it wouldn’t have made a difference (in how we’d approach the next game) if we had won 11-10 or 12-10, whatever the score would’ve been. We’ve (had) the same approach every game this season. We want to go out and we want to show to everybody that we’ve been practicing hard (and) we’re putting our mistakes behind us. Things happen on the field during the course of the game. You have to roll with the punches that are being thrown and I think, right now, no style points really matter. (It’s) just stacking the wins on top of each other.”

On how the chemistry has improved between him and Mark Sanchez…

“It’s trust, you know? That’s probably the biggest thing that I’ve been hounding him about. Just trust me that I’m going to be where you need me to be. Just put the ball where you think it’s going to be safe for me to catch it. If it’s anywhere in my area, I’m going to catch it, just like you (saw) Jerricho (Cotchery) make a great catch yesterday. Anytime that ball is being thrown in our area, we’re going to make it our duty to come down with that catch.”

On how gutsy Cotchery’s catch was…

“How gutsy was the throw? It wasn’t about the catch (joking). Seeing this guy (Cotchery) come into the screen, watching film, hobbling on one leg and grabbing himself, trying to hold himself together and for him to just dive and just fully-extend, that’s sacrifice. That’s what we’re constantly building around here, guys that are willing to give themselves up for the team, make the plays that (are) necessary and allow us to win ball games.”

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