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Darrelle Revis interview transcript 11/22/10

On Monday Darrelle Revis addressed the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets.

On if he is concerned that the team is living on the edge with these late wins…

“A win is a win. We were up by a bunch of points. (With) a team like that, when you have them like that, you want to keep them down, but they executed and made plays off our mistakes. They did a good job, but at the end of the game, we came back and (Mark) Sanchez did a good job.”

On winning late against teams with bad records…

“You have to give credit to the teams that you play. It doesn’t matter what their record is. They could be 0-12. It doesn’t matter. They study and they game-plan on us, too. It’s something where we have a great team, but also, we have to make sure that we correct the things that have gone on the last couple of games.”

On if it helps playing a familiar opponent during a short week…

“They’re a different offense this year. Since they got Terrell Owens, they’ve changed up a bunch of things in their passing game. We’re studying that right now. Some things they do similar, but with him being there, they changed some things up in the passing game.”

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