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Bart Scott interview transcript 11/29/10

On Monday New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott answered a few questions for the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets.

On New England’s offense…

“I think they’ve changed their offense. They have a new identity, getting their running backs out. Danny Woodhead has been a great addition for them. (They are) working those tight ends. Deion Branch is more of a route-runner and gives you more things to think about. They’re playing well right now and it’s going to be a tough challenge, but we’ll be ready for them.”

On how to matchup against New England’s tight ends…

“You just have to be fundamentally sound, stay in the pocket and make sure you get a read of the route to throw their timing off. Normally, when they’re out there, you are going to be locked. They look around and there might be a favorable matchup they like and Brady sees (it). (You have to) know that you’re going to have to be the guy that has to make that play that time.”

On who Darrelle Revis will matchup against…

“I think whoever comes to that side goes to the island. I think we have favorable matchups on the outside. They have a great, speedy receiver and a crafty vet, but I think we match-up against them well. We’re going to expect those guys (Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie) to do what they do, shut those guys down and allow us to play football on the inside.”

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