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Colin Baxter Interview Transcript 9/20/11

On Monday Colin Baxter the center that will be replacing Nick Mangold addressed the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets.

On how he felt he played yesterday after watching the film…

Pretty much what I thought yesterday. There were some good things, there were some bad things. (There was) a couple of mental errors that I can’t have, that I’ll get cleaned up. A few technical things that I can get cleaned up, as well.

On how much extra studying he has to do this week to prepare…

I’ve got to do a lot this week. I’ve been doing a lot out there with coach (Bill Callahan) after practice, working on sets and technique. I’m in there with Rob (Turner) after meetings, going over books and going over it at home, here, the hotel.

On whether it was daunting to enter the game without ever snapping the ball to Mark Sanchez prior to Sunday…

Yeah, a little bit. I haven’t had problems with that. You just kind of go in there and you just play.

On how much he will speak to Nick Mangold in preparation of Sunday’s game…

I’m definitely going to be in his ear this week, asking him questions about techniques and plays and assignments, just making sure I’ve got everything straight, seeing how he would do it

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