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Post Game Thoughts by the Chargers

Here are some post game thoughts by the San Diego Chargers…

Head Coach, Norv Turner

On the biggest adjustment the Jets made at halftime…

I think the biggest thing was in the first half we were six-of-seven on third down and (in the second) obviously we were unable to convert third downs.  Then, we had to leave that third-and-five play in there and the ball is just a little behind Vincent (Jackson). The ball bounces up and is intercepted. If we get out front there or the ball bounces different, it’s incomplete and you kick a field goal there.

On if he thought of taking Antoine Cason off of Burress…

Obviously, we made the decision going in that we were going to play it the way we did. We just needed to play better and cover him better.

On how Antonio Gates was used…

We mixed Antonio in. In the first half, he made all the key plays, the third down plays. He’s getting banged at the line. He’s getting double coverage. They were working hard to keep him from getting the ball.

On if Philip Rivers knew it was fourth down on the last play…

He knew it was fourth down. He was trying to make a play. We would have been better off on the third down play if we had gotten out of bounds. He was trying to get it to Gates and the ball got away.

On what he said to Rex Ryan after the game…

I just said congratulations to him. They have a very good football team.

QB, Phillip Rivers

On what hurt the team the most…

Nothing hurts except losing.

On what happened during the last drive…

There is nothing really to take you through.

On losing the lead…

We didn’t finish the game.  It was a tale of two halves.  They ended up coming up on top.

On why they are losing…

We are 4-2.

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