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Randy McMichael: “Their secondary isn’t anything.”

San Diego Chargers TE Randy McMichael was interviewed after the NY Jets beat the San Diego Chargers this afternoon.  A recap appears below, courtesy of the NY Jets PR Department.

On the loss…

We had them down and we took our foot off the gas.  I’m not giving credit to anybody.  This is our fault.  Nothing to do with the play calling. We took our foot off the gas pedal and we lost because of it.

On the Jets secondary…

Their secondary isn’t anything. It’s our fault. It had nothing to do with anyone on their team.  The guys in this locker room, we lost the game.

On penalties…

It’s our fault. You can ask any question you want to ask. The San Diego Chargers beat the San Diego Chargers.  Nothing to do with the New York Jets.  It’s embarrassing, but it is what it is.  We have more games to play. We’ll get ready to play whoever we play Sunday (Kansas City). They won, I’m not giving anyone credit. I’m taking the credit away from us.

Our take?  When you lose a game, you don’t have to give credit to anybody.  One thing worth mentioning though is how Rex Ryan handles such matters.  Before a game it does seem that anything and anyone is fair game.  After the game, his sound bytes consistently include praise for the opponent, win or lose.

Their secondary isn’t anything.

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