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How Will You Spend Your Playoff $

On the ride home tonight I thought long and hard about the Jets loss to the Patriots.  I became fixated on finding a positive in what transpired tonight.  Luckily the traffic leaving the stadium was so terrible, it afforded me ample time to think this over.  And, in case you missed it, Rex Ryan didn’t kiss Belichick’s ring once again.  Instead, Bill Belichick walked into MetLife Stadium with a better game plan and his New England Patriots out performed the New York Jets in just about every aspect.  If you are really interested in a game recap, I recommend this one on

Luckily, I am not talking NY Jets football right now.  I will not talk about the Joe McKnight fumble.  Nor will I remind everyone that Shonn Greene can not catch the ball.  Not even going to make fun of Mark Sanchez for his pick six.  No, I won’t talk about these things.  Because I have extra money now and I am going to spend my time figuring out how to spend it.

I was saving for two home playoff games and that is looking like a long-shot.  An extremely unlikely long-shot.  Two seats to two playoff games plus parking, tolls, gas and concessions — these things all add up.  So the only positive I walk away after this loss is that there is one less invocie headed my way this holiday season.

Please tell me how I should spend that money!

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Phil Sullivan

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