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Hayden Smith Year Two Impact

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We spoke to Hayden Smith last year right before training camp and he was new to the country but more importantly new to the NFL (and football in general).  Expectations were low because of these factors and he ended the year with one catch for 16 yards.  As the Jets prepare to head into training camp Hayden now has a bigger name ahead of him on the depth chart in Kellen Winslow.  If Kellen is healthy, the depth chart at tight end is not really up for debate.  What can be debated though is the probability of Winslow staying healthy.  Winslow did tell Jet Nation that he isn’t in football shape.

Which brings us back to Hayden Smith, what can he be expected to do in his second season?  Jeff Cumberland still sits ahead of him on the depth chart, but haven’t we been waiting for Jeff Cumberland to break out for several seasons now? Cumberland is entering his 4th NFL season and is actually only two years younger than Hayden Smith who is 28 years old.  Yet Cumberland still has less than 400 yards receiving in his career.  Hayden Smith says one big change this year is that he can focus on the playbook and not the rules of the game.  The thought of having the learn the rules of the game, at the same time you are trying to learn how to catch a football is almost inconceivable.

Yet here we are entering another season and it is hard to rule Smith out.  In many ways he has overcome the odds just being active for an NFL game.  Although with the lack of depth the Jets have at tight end, they certainly are hoping for more from Smith.  If he steps up and contributes, would that make you feel more comfortable about betting on the Jets this season with au.freebets.com?  That is a long shot, it is a reach to think he could have that kind of impact.  Although Smith, who is from Australia, would be the first to tell you not to rule him out.  He has beat the odds before and he plans on doing it again.

National Football League career

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Smith was looking at the possibility of playing in the NFL and had a workout with the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and the New Orleans Saints.[4][5]

The New York Jets signed Smith on April 3, 2012.[6] He was waived on August 31, 2012.[7] A day later, he was signed to the Jets’ practice squad.[8] On October 27, 2012, He was promoted to the active roster from the practice squad.[9]



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