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Week One Game Observations

Jamals Adams, Avery Williamson, Steve McLendon

The season couldn’t have started any worse and I’m sure the trolls were out in full force after the pick 6.  But what a turnaround that led to an encouraging 48-17 win against DET.  Let’s take a look:

General Notes

– Two impressive runs by the Jets, after the pick 6 they outscored DET 48-10 the rest of the game.  And after DET tied the game at 17 they outscored them 31-0.

– Good to see the penalties cleaned up and not have a negative impact.

– How great was it to hear the J-E-T-S chant in a quiet dome at the end of the game?

Special Teams

– A perfect night for Jason Myers and Lachlan Edwards.  Myers will need a leg massage for all the PAT’s, KO’s and FG’s he kicked.  And Edwards barely broke a sweat as he punted three times all game.

– What a shock to finally see a returner flip field position and be an actual weapon.  Terrific game by Andre Roberts with three huge punt returns (70+ yards, 40+ yards & 15+ yards) and a TD.  What a pleasure to see someone not muff punts or lose yardage.


– Excellent defensive effort, holding DET to 10 points in their building is not easy.  Add in FIVE INT’s and a pick 6 and you had the crowd booing and leaving early.

– DLine was an absolute wall against the run, holding the “improved” DET running game to 39 yards.  And even though they got no sacks, they had constant pressure on Matthew Stafford which led to rushed throws and INT’s.  Credit to Steve McLendon and Henry Anderson as they screwed up DET OLine schemes with constant penetration.  In fact Anderson caused the Darron Lee pick 6 because he was in Stafford’s lap.

– The LB’s gave the DLine excellent support in stopping the run.  Avery Williamson was the enforcer but unlike David Harris and Demario Davis he provides speed.  Frankie Luvu had a good debut as he had multiple TFL’s and batted a pass down at the line.  And Darron Lee finally had an impact game worthy of a #1 pick with two INT’s and a pick 6.  And each pick gives you hope that maybe he’s learning.  The first one he disguised his coverage then jumped the route for the pick 6.  And on the second one he dropped to the proper depth in zone coverage and snatched it out of the air.

– The secondary was off the charts.  As they covered, tackled, showed great hands on INT’s and displayed depth when players had to leave to be checked for injuries. Credit to Morris Claiborne, Buster Skrine and particularly Jamal Adams.  Adams had a total game as he was excellent in run support, bringing edge pressure, coverage and finally got his first pick.  In addition people need to recognize his ability to diagnose what the offense is doing and putting himself or his teammates in proper position.


– Two strange calls by Jeremy Bates that I have to bring up.  The first was the pick 6 which to me was a little much for a rookie QB’s first throw in the pros. The second was the Robby Anderson reverse on 3rd and 2 which led to a loss and pushed us out of FG range.  Other than that how could you complain?

– The OLine was excellent in both phases and controlled Ziggy Ansah.  Who cares if he got a sack, Ansah did his normal thing in getting a “stat”, having no impact then getting injured.  People need to start watching the OLine play and stop repeating the narrative that they’re shaky.  The zone blocking scheme was devastating and Sam Darnold was kept clean.  Credit to the TE’s Eric Tomlinson, Neal Sterling and Chris Herndon for their help in sealing the edges of DET defense.

– Welcome back Quincy Enunwa as he was solid in his first game back.  He provides the offense with flexibility, makes tough catches and runs “angry”.  Good to see Sam Darnold and Robby Anderson connect on the 40 yard TD.  And Anderson showed strong hands in ripping the ball away from the safety.  Finally Terrelle Pryor also was solid in his reps, once Jermaine Kearse gets healthy this will be a dangerous WR corps.

– Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell were excellent as a tandem (22 rushes / 160 yards). And Powell was incredible in blitz pickup putting LB’s on the ground multiple times.

– Sam Darnold’s awful start displayed one of his best traits, being a “flatliner”. His ability to shrug off the pick 6 allowed the team to stabilize the game and change momentum.  Because how many times have Jet fans seen Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith commit
turnovers and go straight into the toilet?  Once the INT was out of his system Darnold went right back to being accurate, mobile and making good decisions.  What a strange feeling to actually have confidence in your QB.

Final Thoughts

– Why didn’t the booth review the Parry Nickerson almost INT at the end of the half? It was close enough to give it another look.

– With MIA and the home opener coming up, is this team mature enough to take this effort and build on it? Or will they get full of themselves and think they accomplished something.

You can read more about this and see fan reaction to the win in our NY Jets forum.

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