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Breaking Down The Ryan Kalil Signing

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Chris Gardells is back and this time he is breaking down the big news of the week; Joe Douglas went out and brought in center Ryan Kalil. Mike Maccagnan wasn’t able to bring in any of the free agent centers. He also skipped on center completely during the NFL draft.

The deal isn’t without risk, Kalil has an injury history the past few seasons. He did play the entire year last year but PFF had him ranked as the 16th of 38 centers. The Jets are certainly hoping he can make it through the season without injury. They have to set expectations accordingly. They are not getting the pro bowl player but if he can help Darnold and Le’Veon Bell this move makes a ton of sense.

Chris also looks at the rest of the offensive line and discusses the impact this move could have on everyone else. When evaluating this move, the big question is what could the Jets have done with this 8 million + dollars if they didn’t spent it on Kalil? 

Watch below to find out!

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