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Sam Darnold

Its beyond mind numbing with the way this team continues to give away wins.  It doesn’t matter if the front office, coaching staff or players change the nonsense repeats.  How do you lose to BUF after forcing FOUR turnovers?

Special Teams

– Lachlan Edwards did an excellent job as he pinned BUF deep in their territory all day.

– The returners did nothing as it was fair catches all day.

– Kaare Vedvik was awful leaving 4 points on the field with two bad shanks.  Even if the Jets moved into field goal range on the last drive who in their right mind thought he would win the game?  Not me.


– Hard to complain about a unit that got four turnvers and scored 8 points but when the game was on the line they failed.

– CJ Mosley’s value was clearly seen today as he was all over the field. With a “pick 6”, a fumble recovery, coverage and most importantly being a DC on the field.  Once he left with an injury the defense collapsed and were gashed in both phases.   
– There were three turning points in the game, all on the same drive:
  * With five minutes left in the 3rd quarter the Jets had a 16-0 lead and BUF failed on a 3rd and 10 play.  But Henry Anderson was called for a “soft” roughing the passer penalty which continued the drive.
  * After that penalty Mosley hurt himself as he knocked away a TD pass in coverage.
  * Finally on that drive Marcus Maye dropped an INT which would have kept the score at 16-0 instead allowing BUF to kick a FG.


– What offense?  Other than one drive where they scored their only points they were inept.  Poor coaching adjustments as BUF continually brought DB pressure from the slot and nothing was done to counteract it.

– Other than Jamison Crowder and LeVeon Bell having flashes of great individual efforts none of the other skill players did anything.

– The OLine was leaky in both phases and allowed Sam Darnold to be bounced around all day.  Countless passes were also knocked down at the line.

– Sam Darnold wasn’t helped with so many poor performances surrounding him but he also missed throws.  Particularly on the last drive he under threw then overthrewRobby Anderson on a couple of bombs which could’ve bailed the team out.

Another frustrating “shampoo, rinse & repeat” loss for this team.  Now what?  A continuation of the garbage we’ve seen the last three years or a bounce back?

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